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A new application for the fashionista

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

A new application for the fashionista

Two young entrepreneurs have launched themselves into a sacred company: to create a smartphone app that will detect which brand is the garment you have taken in photo.
Wow, nothing!

In the street, at work, anywhere, you don't always dare to ask a person from where his pretty little jacket or t-shirt is too cool. With this named applicationEyeFind, the more need to ask, it will be enough to take the photo in question.
« EyeFind has been designed and designed to respond to the frustration of women and men and to facilitate the life of any fashion consumer ", says Julie Veg, co-founder of eyeFind with Cloé Dana. But what distinguishes them from competition (because other applications of the same type already exist), it's in its social approach." EyeFind goes further than instant recognition and gives you the ability to follow the daily style of your friends and all community members that you have crossed ". Users will be " Finderz ". They will have access to the vacuum dressing of their permanent community.

The goal is to reach 80,000 users by the end of the year so that the application can be useful and really work in an interesting way. And with such a database, trademarks could be used as a good trend indicator.
The project is still for 3 days in search of funding on Ulule.
So if this app seems useful for your next fashion strike, you can still participate so that the project can see the light of day.

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