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At the heart of the event : Evviva Venezia !  The moment of departure has arrived !

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At the heart of the event : Evviva Venezia !  The moment of departure has arrived !

Following our agreements, Bodypack had the kindness to make us choose a bag each based on thirty models selected: backpacks, Computer Bags, Travel Bags ... our preferences went to ranges and colors very varied.
With our luggage, so we took the bus to destination of Venice Monday, May 15 at 9 p.m.
After a long night of travel, not relaxing it must be admitted, we finally discovered the romantic city! We were impressed by its majestic architecture.

The stay was short, so we immediately focused on the neighborhood San Marco: walk on the famous square overlooking its Campanile and visit the Doge's Palace, residence of the magistrates of The Venetian Republic ... without forgetting the Ponte dei sospiri what the prisoners were going through before the judges.
We took advantage of the lunch break to discover the typical dishes and taste new flavors. Che buona La pasta !
After some free time, we continued our walk to the neighborhood of Dorsoduro and visited the Galleria dell'accademia where we enjoyed the works of the Italian Renaissance.

Before leaving, and as part of our school program, we had made an appointment with the firefighters of Venice: i Vigili del Fuoco. They explained their operation in case of floods, and showed how they desalinate seawater to extinguish fires.
The day after our arrival, a meeting was also planned with the technical Services of the City Hall of Venice : Mrs. Ferrari, from the Observatory of the lagoon, made us aware of the many problems generated by pollution, the evolution of tides and the displacement of the seabed due to tourist liners. Assisted by her collaborator, she explained to us the scale and the diversity of the actions carried out to preserve the lagoon. This interview was particularly interesting and rewarding. We thank our Italian interlocutor who knew how to communicate to us all the involvement and passion she puts in the defense of a great cause !

Of course, our bags Bodypack have accompanied us throughout our visits. After relieving them of our travel belongings at the hotel, they allowed us to easily carry everything we needed for the day : bottle of water, our picnic (when we were not having lunch at the restaurant), camera, glasses, extra clothes… Che comodii gli zaini Bodypack !
Of course, the story of our Venetian stay does not end there !…

Here we are at the agreed appointment to tell you the rest of our educational journey…
To make it convenient, pleasant and reasonable for our budget, we stayed in a resort on the island of Jesolo. This led us to move constantly by boat : we particularly enjoyed it ! And this allowed us to relax, in the evenings, by the pool or by the sea after long days of visits !

On the third day of our stay, we had the pleasure of going to the islands of Murano and Burano. To Murano we witnessed the work of a glass blower who, in a few minutes, shaped before our eyes a wonderful little horse. What dexterity and precision work ... timed what is more because we can not afford to let the glass solidify without having totally finished the desired object. We discovered a new profession.
To Burano, it was the colorful houses that struck our gaze. The colors are Frank, Bright and shine under the sun. A "fireworks" in hard ! While walking on the island we were able to be in contact with the local population and we took a lot of pleasure exchanging a few words and a few looks with the elderly people who watched us with benevolence and curiosity. The day ended with the tasting, in the central square, of a Gelato Tre gusti. It it must be recognized that the Italians are unbeatable in this area ! Che delizia !

On Thursday, the time to take the way back had already sounded. On our journey, we stopped at Verona, city of lovers, to visit the arenas, impressive by their size, stroll through the streets of the city and especially discover the House of Romeo And Juliet ... with the famous balcony ! This brought us back, for a moment, to the time of Shakespeare's plays.
The legend says that we can send a letter to Juliet so that she fulfills our wish. We executed ourselves... we didn't want to miss an opportunity !
Of course, throughout these days, our bags Bodypack did not leave us. We will not stop repeating how much their multiple pockets and bellows make them modular and particularly practical for this type of travel. Ideal and large enough to transport our belongings for the entire stay and perfect, during the day, to always have with us a bottle of water, a camera, our picnic and our small personal belongings.
Regarding their look, we let you appreciate on the basis of the photos we have made !

Once again, thanks to Bodypack for allowing us to realize our dream and for helping us expand our culture.
GRAZIE for the particularly educational and pedagogical project that its open and dynamic collaborators have agreed to carry out with us ... by putting at our disposal the necessary means !


The little plus of travel thanks to BODYPACK, and the big PLUS of BODYPACK bags !!
Thanks to our partnership with the company Bodypack we were able, during our trip to Venice and Verona, to give ourselves some small pleasures that were not planned at the start…
From the first day of our arrival, we were able to treat ourselves to a small typical meal on a pretty square in the district of Dorsoduro. A restaurant agreed to welcome us : we were still 26 to caser ! The staff, very open and available, advised us local specialties : we feasted on pasta, gnocchi, risotti vari ... and put at our disposal batteries so that we recharge our phones ... essential for photos with our bags Bodypack !
The following days, we had lunch from packed lunches provided by the hotel that we slipped, in the morning, in our backpacks Bodypack, very convenient for this purpose. These baskets were composed of classic sandwiches, certainly nourishing enough, but which hardly aroused our taste buds. So, we gave ourselves little greedy moments to compensate. On the island of Burano, for example, under a bright sun and our backpacks Bodypack filled with memories, we were glad to be able to enjoy a beautiful gelato Tre gusti to refresh us ! We let you imagine the head of the ice-cream merchant ... delighted to see his tiny shop invaded by 26 energy people baragouining a language he did not understand !... But also that of the other customers, relegated behind a wall of beautiful colorful backpacks, significantly less happy to wait until we have chosen among the thousand perfumes on offer !

But let us now come to the Wholesale plus bags Bodypack. As we have already explained in our previous article, we particularly appreciated the multiple qualities of our "travel companions"! First of all, they are very spacious with plenty of pockets and storage which allow a practical business organization. The closures are easy and durable, the shoulder straps and the back of the bags are reinforced for one better comfort and avoid contact with tissue that could end up burning the skin. We didn't get cold in Venice ! The graphics is very nice : varied, original and modern. There is something for every taste and for every sartorial look !

Often, during our photo breaks, we were challenged by tourists attracted by the colors and design of our bags. Of course, we were proud to explain our partnership and each time it was the opportunity to communicate the address of the merchant site of Bodypack so that they too can please themselves by ordering a beautiful bag.
Moreover, to conclude, we said to ourselves that Bodypack, in memory of this partnership, could consider creating a limited series "Special Edition Venice 2017" ... the bags could put in honor the colors of Italy, the Dolce Vita and the Vespa, Venetian monuments stylized in two-color version, gondolas ... Cosa ne dite ?
Once again we would like to thank Bodypack to have accompanied us in this project which was very educational for us and which allowed us to build indelible memories !

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