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Help! Help us imagine the future BODYPACK slogan and win lots of bags!

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Help! Help us imagine the future BODYPACK slogan and win lots of bags!

Super Bodypack team in distress!


Christmas and its holiday season where the whole Bodypack team can have a good time and rest is fast approaching.
yes, but still should everything be ready for the launch of the new online store officially scheduled for our return in January??!  :)
Some may have seen it on Facebook, we're testing everything from top to bottom right now.

Yes, since the time it is announced, there is no question of going backwards:

early January Bodypack launches into selling on the web!

And this is where the "little hands" of the merchant site need your help:
what shock phrase (capable of eliciting an immediate desire to visit the site) could we put forward???

So this is the occasion of our last little contest 2012 with, in the key, not one or two Bags Bodypack but a little taste of the offer of our eshop!
That's 1 bag of each product category of the future site.

So, you who know us, or at least our bags, the spirit and (hopefully) the complicity and proximity Bodypack: come help us in this quest for the right word! Let the publicist in you speak and post your proposals to us (no limit per person).
You've got 4 hours to return your copy. And more seriously, until Thursday, December 20 at noon to share your works with us.

The most eye-catching and true-spirited Bodypack proposal will become our slogan!

To your keyboards!


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