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Choosing the right second modern language (LV2) in college, a strategic choice

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Choosing the right second modern language (LV2) in college, a strategic choice


Arrived in 5th in college, it is very important to choose the right second foreign language. A sometimes difficult but strategic choice. Bodypack, the specialist in school leather goods accompanies you in your life as a college and high school student and gives you his opinion on these different European languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, Italian), but also on more distant foreign languages ​​such as Chinese, Arabic or Russian.
If you haven't chosen english in LV1, the choice is therefore quickly seen! With English being the most widely spoken and used language around the world, it is spoken in 53 countries! We won't give you the full list, it would be too long, but if one day you travel with your Bodypack backpack glued to your back and knowing how to speak English, you will be the king of the world!
English is an essential language that you must know and be able to speak. There will be many opportunities to use it in your life: for work, it is the language used in business, essential for a career in international trade but also if you engage in scientific fields such as medicine, research … All books are in English! You will also use it when traveling with your Bodypack travel bag and also on vacation when you meet foreigners they will probably speak to you in English. Remember that English is spoken on every continent in the world, so if you have to speak at least one language, this is it😊
If you already speak English, the choice is wider for your LV2: Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese but also Chinese, Arabic and Russian are choices to study.

L'Spanish is widely used throughout the world, especially in Latin America, it is the official language of the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain. So it's a lot of people who speak this language so if you have an interest in these countries or if you want to work in tourism, hotel business or international trade with these countries: Spanish is the language you should.
In relation to Spanish, beware of prejudices and those who say that it is an easy language to learn, it is totally false. Certainly it is a Latin language where you will find similarities with French in the composition of words, so you will recognize a lot of them, but the grammar of this language and the conjugations of verbs are very difficult and require a lot of work. It is a singing language and very pleasant to expect.
German is also the victim of prejudices, little chosen in LV2 because of the difficulties in learning it. It is true that there are tables of variations to learn by heart according to the genders (masculine, feminine and the neutral which exists as in English), but once this is integrated it is like a mathematics formula to apply and everything becomes natural over time. This Germanic language is very guttural, that is to say it is spoken with the throat. At first the sounds get a bit stuck in the back of your throat, but with the usual it comes on its own. On the other hand, it is a real gymnastics for your brain to understand what is being said since the verbs are positioned at the end of the sentence! Not very logical and not very easy for oral comprehension, you have to follow well and think about what you heard just before to be able to understand the meaning of a sentence. The length of the words is also one of the difficulties, they can indeed be very long like the numbers for example which can reach dozens of letters in a row and all attached in a single word.
Difficult but not impossible! German is a very important European language and France's main economic partner in Europe is Germany. Many French companies work with Germany and speaking German, if you later become an engineer for example, will be very useful for you to collaborate with your German colleagues and for your business trips. Discover hereour travel bags for your future professional trips!
Here is the list of the countries where German is spoken: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Namibia, Brazil, Denmark. It therefore remains very focused on Europe, ideal for trade with European countries.
In addition on the CV "it feels good" to have done German, it will distinguish you from other applicants and show your taste for difficulty and logic. Another advantage of choosing German: you learn in a small group since few choose this language and you get pampered by the teacher! You have the right to a very personalized follow-up.
Italian is also a very beautiful language, very singing but little spoken in Europe and in France while many Italian companies are established in France especially in these sectors: object design, fashion, textiles, agro-food and tourism . If you want to work in one of these activities, Italian will be a good way to stand out.
If you like to travel with your Bodypack backpack and if you want to improve your Italian you can go to the following countries: Italy, Saint-Martin, Vatican, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. Italian has also greatly influenced Spanish and Portuguese as they are spoken in some South American countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil (source: Wikipedia) .
So much for the traditional LV2, but at Bodypack we advise you instead to position yourself on a more strategic choice by learning languages ​​even more distant than European languages ​​such as Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

The China is currently the 2th economic powerhouse of the world and may one day overtake the United States. The Mandarin is very difficult with all its signs, even the Chinese themselves do not know them all, but knowing between 300 and 400 signs will already allow you to get by a little. If you want to move towards an international business career, faced with a competitor who does not speak Chinese, the Chinese will choose you as their partner because you will have made the effort to speak their language which they know is very difficult to learn for a European. They are very sensitive to this kind of attention and they love the French and their "French touch" in all areas! The difficulty will also be to find the school which offers Chinese in LV2. And yes in France we are a little late and we lack teachers on these foreign languages ​​so all the establishments do not yet offer Chinese, Russian or others, but the more students and parents there will be. students who ask for it, the more these languages ​​should develop and be accessible in our French colleges and high schools.
Speak theArab or any other language of Maghreb countries can also prove to be a strategic asset for international trade or in engineering, but the same problem as for Chinese, few establishments will offer it. But if you are of foreign origin and your family speaks an Arabic language, especially learn it and listen to it well because a few words can always be useful to you to get a business!
While waiting to win the contract of the century in one of the Maghreb countries, you can visit our section good dealsand choose a computer bag or a wheeled bag for your little weekend getaways.
The Russian is also very useful, the Russians are very open to the world and do a lot of international trade, they import a lot of products and spend lavishly. Trading with them is very promising and Russia is a huge country very open to Europe and also quite FAN of the French ...

Bodypack therefore advise you as a choice of LV2 to orient yourself towards the Chinese without hesitation, provided that your establishment offers it or you direct you towards an international establishment where there are more language teachers. If in your college, only European languages ​​are offered such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, your choice must be based on what you want to do, on the language that motivates you the most, the one you want to learn. The choice does not necessarily have to come from your parents because who will have to learn and work this language? It’s not them but you it must therefore be a language that makes you want to work and practice it.
Or, if you know what you want to do for a job later, find out about the language most used in this job or orient your choice in relation to the countries with which you would like to work later or to expatriate yourself.

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