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Choosing your 2nd living language (LV2) in college, a strategic choice

Posted 04 April 2018


Arrived in 5Th in college, it is very important to choose your second living language. A difficult but strategic choice. Bodypack, the specialist in school leather goods accompanies you in your life as a middle school and high school student and gives you his opinion on these different European languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian), but also on more distant foreign languages such as Chinese, Arabic or Russian.
If you haven't chosen English in LV1, the choice is quickly seen! As English is the most widely spoken and widely used language in the world, it is spoken in 53 countries! We won't give you the full list, it would be too long, but if one day you travel with your Bodypack backpack glued to your back and knowing how to speak English, you will be the king of the world!
English is an indispensable language that you need to know and know how to speak. The opportunities to use it will be many in your life: for work, it is the language used in business, essential for a career in international trade but also if you engage in scientific fields such as medicine, research ... All books are in English! You will also use it when travelling with your Bodypack travel bag and also on holiday when you meet strangers they will probably speak to you in English. Remember that English is spoken on every continent of the globe, so if you have to speak at least one language, it's this one😊
If you already speak English, the choice is more extensive for your LV2: Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese but also Chinese, Arabic and Russian are choices to study.

L'Spanish' is widely used around the world, especially in Latin America, it is the official language of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela and Spain.  So it's a lot of people who speak this language so if you have an interest in these countries or you want to work in tourism, hotels or international trade with these countries: Spanish is the language you need.
Compared to Spanish, beware of prejudices and those who say that it is an easy language to learn, it is totally false. Of course it is a Latin language where you will find similarities with French in the composition of words, so you will recognize many, but the grammar of that language and the conjugations of verbs are very difficult and require a lot of work. It is a singing language and very pleasant to expect.
German It is also a victim of prejudice. Due to learning difficulties, there are few choices in Lv2. There are some sex specific drop out tables ("male", "female", "neutral"), but once included, it's like a mathematical formula, and over time everything becomes natural. This Germanic language is very archaic, that is, who can speak with the throat. At first the sound gets a little bit stuck in your throat, but get used to it. On the contrary, it's a real exercise that lets your brain understand what it's saying because the verb is at the end of the sentence. It's not very logical, and oral comprehension is not easy. We should carefully observe and think about what we have just heard to understand the meaning of a sentence. The length of a word is also a problem. It can be very long numbers, for example, it can link to dozens of letters in a word.
Difficult, but not impossible! German is a very important European language. France's main economic partner in Europe is Germany. Many French companies work with Germany and speak German, and if you later become an engineer, you will be very helpful in working with your German colleagues and your career travel. find hereOur travel bag is your future career travel! Page: 1
Here is a list of German speaking countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Namibia, Brazil, Denmark. As a result, it is still very focused on Europe, the ideal of trade with European countries.
In addition to the German resume being "very good," this will make you different from other applicants and show your interest in difficulty and logic. Another advantage of choosing German is that you learn a small group, because few people choose the language, and you are spoiled by the teacher! You have the right to receive very personalized tracking
Italian It's also a very beautiful language. It's very vocal, but it's rarely spoken in Europe and France, and many Italian businesses are mainly in these sectors of France: object design, fashion, textiles, agriculture, food and tourism. If you want to work in one of these activities, Italy will be a good choice.
If you like to travel your way knapsack If you want to improve your Italian, you can go to Italy, St. Martin, the Vatican, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. Italians have also had a strong influence on the Spanish and Portuguese spoken in some South American countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil (source: Wikipedia).
This is the traditional Lv2, but at Bodypack, we suggest that you learn far more than European languages, such as Chinese, Arabic and Russian, in a more strategic choice. Page: 1

there China Now it's highway 2third The world's economic strength may one day surpass that of the United States. this mandarin It's very difficult, even the Chinese don't know them themselves, but knowing 300 to 400 signals can give you a little confidence. If you want to move to an international business career in front of a non Chinese speaking competitor, The Chinese will choose you as a partner because you try to speak their language, and they are hard to learn for a European. They are sensitive to this kind of attention, and they like the French and their "French touch" in all fields. Another aspect of the difficulty is finding a school that provides Chinese. Yes, in France, we are a little late. We are short of professors of these foreign languages, so all schools have not provided Chinese, Russian or other languages. However, if the students and parents request, these languages should be developed and used in our schools. French secondary school
sayarabic Or any other language Maghreb countries This may be a strategic asset for international trade or engineering, but like the Chinese, it is also a problem, and few institutions have put forward this proposal. But if you are a foreigner, in your family, we will speak an Arabic language, especially to learn and listen to it, because some words can always be used in business.
You can visit our column before a country in Maghreb gets a contract for this century Good businessThen choose a computer bag or wheelchair bag for your weekend inn.
this Russian This is also very useful. The Russians are very open to the world and engage in a lot of international trade. They import a lot of products and spend a lot of money. It's very advantageous to do business with them. Russia is an open country to Europe and a fan of the French.

Podpak So I suggest you as the Lv2 choice Chinese As long as your school is willing, or direct you to an international organization with more language teachers. If there are only European languages in your college, such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, your choice must be guided by what you want to do, such as your favorite language. The choice doesn't have to come from your parents, because who wants to learn and learn the language? It's not them, it's you So it has to be a language that makes you eager to learn and practice it..
Or, if you know what career you want to do in the future, you should know the most common language in the profession, or your choice of the country you want to work with in the future or your foreign country.