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Pack well before winter sports holidays

Posted 05 February 2018

Winter holidays are the time for many of you to go to winter sports! In the colony, with family or friends this holiday smells good raclette, fondue but also powder and descents all schuss!
But before you taste the tartiflette, you have to go through the case preparing the suitcase! BODYPACK is located on the outskirts of Lyon, not far from beautiful alpine resorts, so skiing knows us and it's kind of our appointment every weekend. As a backpack expert and winter sports enthusiast, here are our savvy tips.
Step number 1 Choose the right suitcase
The ski outfits are bulky, so you need a large suitcase to be able to slip all the warm clothes of your choice! Our BODYPACK advice: (
Step number 2 Don't forget anything

  • Ski check suits
  • Hot socks check
  • Check caps
  • Gloves ok
  • Backpack? Uh.... Yes, take a backpack that is essential to accompany you during the day on the slopes! You can put away a snack (ski it digs😊), a lip balm, a total screen cream, your smartphone, ... In short, the essentials! It is true that we often minimize the usefulness and practicality of a backpack in our journeys! BODYPACK is here to remind you😉!! A quick link to the e-shop to choose the perfect backpack:

Step number 3 PRO-FI-TER!!
So ready?!