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Bodypack is back for the Bac!

Posted 18 June 2012

Every year it's the same when the sun begins to show its most beautiful rays, the birds are singing, the boys take out the shorts and the girls are in skirts, it smells of summer! BUT still has to pass this damn Bac ...

This degree, which is as useless as it is essential, will give our dear little blond heads a few sweats this week ...

So at Bodypack it's a moment of nostalgia that took hold of the office for a few minutes (yes, work quickly took over;)), "And you, what memories do you have from the Bac?"

"Me, I was an intern at the time, I spent 2 weeks wandering around the school ... When everyone reviews at home, it's special."

“Personally, for the Italian test, the day before, I had lent the essential texts for the test to a friend who had forgotten them. Suddenly, the next day, it was I who no longer had them! "


Everyone has their own little memories of this period ...

And you, what memories do you have of the Bac?

Answer this question in the comments of this article, the best anecdotes will win a bag of their choice!