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Bodypack, partner of the gift agency in kind

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Bodypack, partner of the gift agency in kind

In France, thousands of children do not have access to education due to lack of equipment and resources.

As a leader in school leather goods in France, it is natural for Bodypack to take part in reducing this inequality.

As part of Operation Rentry Solidaire launched by theGift agency in naturE, we have the pleasure and pride of becoming new donors with nearly 1,000 backpacks and cartables distributed free of charge this year, alongside 7 other companies.

Making the school accessible to the greatest number is one of the main values of Bodypack. That is why we are very pleased to be able to distribute cartables and Bodypack backpacks for free this year, for the benefit of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We thank the agency of the gift-in-kind, which is doing an extraordinary job to ensure that everyone has come back in solidarity.

Find us on And on the site of the agency of the donation in kind:

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