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Bodypack partner of the Lycée JAMET BUFFEREAU

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Bodypack partner of the Lycée JAMET BUFFEREAU

"VENICE, over the water, over the centuries"

Our partnership with the company BODYPACK

The class of 1time Management Administration of JAMET BUFFEREAU Vocational High School organized a trip toa week in Venice for the month of May 2017. This is a project we have been working on since our year of 2nde. This has a human, educational, cultural, ecological and professional objective.
Indeed, it is linked to many subjects that are taught to us in high school:

  • the Italian, of course! ...
  • History, our Renaissance program,
  • Health and Environment Prevention, and in particular the part concerning the study of water,
  • vocational subjects.

We have organized Cultural visits, but also meetings with the Tidal Center and the Observatory depending on the technical services of the City of Venice regarding the preservation of the lagoon.
In order to put into practice our professional learning in management administration and in order to help us finance our trip, we first presented a file to the Region for obtaining grants, then we approached companies for their propose a partnership.

We got the idea to contact Bodypack. We knew their backpack since some of us use them with great satisfaction to come in class as well as the dynamism of the company and its presence on social networks. Being a local business, it also made sense to us.

Wednesday March 8, accompanied by two teachers, three of our comrades went to the headquarters of the company in Taluyers (69440) for present our project.
We offered our communication services: advertising on social networks, on the site of the school and the School Group, highlighting of the brand during "open days", targeted photos in Venice, production of a video, writing articles for their blog.

The Bodypack team found our proposal very interesting and appreciated our motivation.
An agreement was concluded: in exchange for our communication plan, Bodypack undertakes to participate in the financing of our trip and provides us with material support by giving us backpacks with which we will take photos and videos on site.
This experience of commercial negotiating has been very enriching and rewarding for us both professionally and personally. Seeing that our proposal was received with enthusiasm strengthens our motivation!

Thank you Bodypack for accompanying us on this journey!


 The Open Day of March 25

Following the agreement reached during our visit on March 08, Bodypack drew up terms of reference specifying the actions that we had promised to take to promote the brand: 5 in total.
The proposed funding has been divided by 5 and for each action carried out, part of the total amount is paid to us ... A real educational approach!
The first communication operation was planned as part of the Open Day of our Saint Louis - Saint Bruno School Group, on March 25. We had to present the brand both within the Lycée Professionnel and the Lycée Général.

For the occasion, Bodypack gave us bags and cases in order to exhibit them and had made an advertising poster of 1m20 x 1m as well as flyers.
The billboard and the explanation of our partnership were placed on the wall in the entrance hall of the Lycée Général. We have set up a stand with presentation backpacks, sports bags and pencil cases. We also took care to make some Italian pastries ... for gourmets ...
We distributed flyers to visitors explaining the purpose of our partnership and promoting Bodypack products. The future students and their parents were very interested in the project and some even wanted to buy the bags presented because they liked it. We agreed with our contact at Bodypack and directed future customers directly to the company's commercial site:
At the same time, a stand was set up in the Lycée Professionnel with the projection of the company's site on the classroom board and the display of bags and kits.

We have had a lot of questions about this partnership. And it is with enthusiasm that we explained what our communication actions consisted of and showed the instagram page on which we will publish the photos and videos that we will take in Venice with the Bodypack backpacks! There is no shortage of ideas for original photos ... And the Venetian site will be a perfect backdrop!
Throughout the Open Day, we gave great importance to the presentation of Bodypack and this caught the attention of many visitors.
At the end of the morning, someone from the company came to visit us and see if we had kept our commitment.

Successful operation !


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