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Bodypack has flown to Vietnam!

Posted 07 March 2019

No, it's not a dream, our backpacks really accompany you in all your Adventures even on the other side of the world.

Bodypack_voyage_Vietnam Bodypack_voyage_Vietnam

Located on the eastern coast of the Indochinese peninsula, the Viet Nam is known for its unusual landscapesIts grandiose mountainsIts nature parks but also its paradise beaches in berries. This country has a historical legacy very rich and varied, as well as its Culture but also its Kitchen. Known for his warm people And Authentic, our adventurers have decided to take with them our new backpack at USB port.

This same USB port that will allow them to never break down to take pictures of this incredible journey.

This new backpack exists in 4 colours and has, just for you, quilted straps And Adjustable but also a back "Air Flow" for a maximum of Comfort during your adventures.

Find the backpack by clicking Here