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Bodypack supports "Desesperaid Team in Brignais" and "Defeat Parkinson".

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Bodypack supports "Desesperaid Team in Brignais" and "Defeat Parkinson".

The association "Desesperaid Team Brignais" was created in 2009 by Laurent DARFEUILLE and Sébastien BOUVET to participate in the Raid Hannibal (itinerant raid Transalpine And Multidisciplinary)

More than just participation, they wanted to bring people together around the passion for running and the challenges Sports, but above all wanting to live a great human adventure In Team.

The Desesperaid team is not only running to Challenger but also for a great cause, the disease of Parkinson, represented by the association "Defeating Parkinson".

The latter was created in 2016 by a former military man, Cedric HEDA, whose mother has this disease.

It is now thanks to a T-shirt whose slogan "Run with your heart to reach heights!" that thousands of riders raise awareness of this disease including this "Team" of Brignais!

It's in these values ofEqual, Motivation, surpassing oneself andMutual assistance That Bodypack is proud to sponsor "Desesperaid Team Brignais" for the challenges of 2018-2019!

To conclude this article, here is a quote from Trail World which accompanies all trail runners:"The trail is one of the only sports where we are all on the same starting line: Elites, champions, Marcel 82, Julie 19, Estelle 100Th trail or David for his 1Er trail"

Want to do some Trail in Lyon ? Here is the link of the association's website in Clicking here 

Bodypack is always there to accompany you in all your mobility needs.

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