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Bodypack wishes you a cheerful and good year of 2012

Posted 01 January 2012



We wish to all our faithful readers a very good year of 2012!
This small article is also a chance, it does no harm just this once, to raise one BALANCE SHEET of year 2011 which should be animated at Bodypack!


10 years of backpacks Bodypack

Important event (and moving for our boss) backpacks BODYPACK celebrated their 10 YEARS ! Certainly, we are another small mark of bagagerie but already, in decade, that of covered way:

- range of bags Bodypack more expanded : we pass of a dozen school bags at first, to 2 whole collections today (seasonal and permanent)

- reinforced team with new posts in creation and in marketing, as well as a sales force on the ground (armed with pretty catalogues!)

- distribution our products there Europe and in the big signs of distribution in France.

- Nasturtium arrival in December in the team, with a deafening entrance: muffins home from the first week to cajole us ;)


The launching of our blog and of our page Facebook

In July, Bodypack took a run up and threw the blog and the Facebook page... After the little perplexed beginning ("but what it is going to be well possible to say to them"), we are rather happy and confident!

The creation of a category "One the road" fills us with enthusiasm and allows us to put forward plans and persons who please us!




A move in Taluyers

And finally, after 10 years passed in the Mounts of the of Lyons, among whom 2 where the team creation & marketing was based on Lyons, it was time that backpacks Bodypack take "their takeoff" and that all team could work in a new head office together. It is in April, 2011 when the team in the suit included its new places.



Pass all of good holidays. They are in 2012 for an upturn on the hats of wheels!! Yeah baby.