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Move your BODY (PACK) !!

Posted 06 December 2016

As Christmas looms on the horizon, winter evenings are an opportunity to immerse yourself in holiday memories and to think about renovating your equipment for next season!

The nostalgia for walks in the sun is felt and our little legs are eager to be able to go on an adventure.

To move freely, you have to be sure that you can carry whatever is necessary, this is where Bodypack comes into action and for any travel situation, we have a solution!

A test? A challenge ? We picked it up and we decided on our side to go for a walk in the surrounding countryside and test the new one for you. leisure bag 15L.


Departure for the day, here is my checklist:
- 1 picnic + 1 bottle of water
- 1 map of the region
- 1 umbrella ... you can never be too sure ...
- To deal with the essentials: 1 wallet.
- Small gadgets like chewing gum, pencils ...
- And I do a little zeal, I embark my tablet (a little break at the top of a mountain, it can always be useful)

So Bodypack? A solution for me?

ME, ME, ME scream my bag!
Neither one nor two, I slip my cards into the small flat pocket on the side, very practical for quick access at any time.

The front compartment is filled with picnic and water, my jacket will go directly into the large rear compartment. The small zipped pocket perfectly accommodates some chewing gum and a pencil which will be very easy to find.


Wallet and phone slipped into a small, well-secured interior pocket and as for my sacred holy tablet, there is even a compartment that will take great care of it!


Yup, I'm ready. I take my bag, WOUAW the super comfortable straps and back, we hardly feel the weight! CLICK CLICK, ventral and chest straps and it does not move! Perfect !


To immortalize this day, I take my camera and I clip it directly onto the straps of the shoulder straps. I keep a quick access to seize the moment T which can arise at any time without cluttering my hands during my whole walk.


By the way I grab my umbrella which fits in the side pocket and shoo, I'm ready and equipped for the day. Who knew I could have slipped so much into that little black bag. Practical and very smart format ;)

Forward march! And here's the result !


BODYPACK won its challenge, and accompanied me perfectly for my little hike!


A memorable day with my Bodypack, so if you too want to share the experience of a condensed style, practicality and freedom, do not hesitate to go on an adventure to explore our website!