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Move your BODY (PACK)!!

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Move your BODY (PACK)!!

As Christmas looms on the horizon, winter evenings are an opportunity to immerse themselves in the memories of holidays and to think about renovating their equipment for next season!

The nostalgia for the sun walks is felt and our little gambettes are looking forward to the adventure.

To move the free mind you must be sure to be able to transport with either the necessary, that is where Bodypack enters into action and for any situation of displacement, we have a solution!

A test? A challenge? It was noted and decided on our side to go for a walk in the surrounding countryside and test for you the new 15L leisure bag.

Departure for the day, here is my check list:
-1 picnic + 1 bottle of water
-1 map of the region
-1 paraes...we are never too sure ...
-For the main purposes: 1 portfolio.
-Small gadgets style chewing gum, pencils ...
-And I do a little bit of zeal, I board my tablet (a little break at the top of a mountain, it can still be used)

So Bodypack? A solution for me?

MOI, MOI, MOI yells my bag!

Neither one nor two, I slide my cards in the small flat pocket on the side, hyper practical for quick access at any time.

The front compartment is filled with the picnic and the water, my jacket will go straight into the large rear compartment. The little zippered pouch receives perfectly some chewing gum and a pencil that will be very easy to find.

Portfolio and telephone slid in a very secure inner pouch and for what is my holy tablet, there is even a compartment that will take great care!

Youpi I'm ready. I take my bag, WOUAW the shoulder straps and the hyper comfortable back, we hardly feel the weight! CLIC CLIC, ventral straps and chest and it no longer moves! Perfect!

To immortalize this day, I board my camera and I blink it directly on the straps of the shoulder straps. I keep a quick access to seize the moment T that can arise at any time without congesting my hands all my way.

In the passage I chope my umbrella which comes to stay in the side pocket and zou, I am paré and equipped for the day. Who would have thought I could have slipped so much into this little black bag. Practical and Very Malignant Format ;)

In the first place! And here's the result!

BODYPACK has won its challenge, and I have accompanied me perfectly for my little hike!

A memorable day with my Bodypack, so if you also want to share the experience of a condensed style, practicality and freedom, do not hesitate to go on adventure to explore Our site!

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