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The Cicret bracelet or the future of the tablet

Posted 16 December 2014

At home, we like everything related to new connected uses. Because all these problems are closely related to those of the porting of these new objects.

And, you may not have escaped the announcement of a new object very promising: the bracelet Cicret.
This is a tablet that fits in a bracelet. No screen, therefore, it will be projected directly on the user's forearm thanks to a pico-projector. It sounds totally crazy and avant-garde but it is nevertheless the very original and unpublished concept of a French start-up.


While the information has been around the web in recent days, we are entitled to wonder if this concept was not just intended to make a good buzz for the start-upCicretto promote the Cicret App, its messaging app. It is not, it is very serious. They are actively working on it.

So it's a great promise that could take the connectivity of the future one step further. The object could according to rumors arrive on the market at the end of 2015 or early 2016 (which is still more realistic) and it would cost the trifle of 300 to 400 euros ...

We're going to have to be patient...