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Bodypack travel diary: China

Posted 23 September 2011

Like all luggage brands, the Bodypack team travels to China every year to meet with all its suppliers. This year, it is our CEO who traveled the country for 2 weeks.

This is the opportunity to reveal yourself "behind the scenes of Bodypack backpacks" or at least part of it! Because none of our products was then in production: we are in the sampling phase to validate the volumes, pockets, colors ...

Rigid suitcases

Our dear boss started his journey with a visit to several rigid suitcase factories. He was able to discover their manufacture (until then quite vague for us).

Because yes, a small exclusivity for the readers of our blog, we are interested in this type of suitcases ...


Here is a small montage of the main stages of production.

The raw material is ABS which is initially in the form of small balls. Here, the ABS is white because it is pure, that is to say that it does not contain recycled ABS. Because you can find suitcases made partly with recycled ABS.

The ABS balls pass through a large machine to come out in a long plate which is cut out and immediately transported to a heated room so that they retain their elasticity. Then, the plates are as if blown, thermoformed in reality, and take the shape of half of suitcases. It seems impressive, according to our boss, as in 30 seconds a plate becomes a suitcase shell.



Then, it's the assembly of the 2 suitcase shells and accessories: handle, wheels ...

Our boss also visited our suppliers to carefully study the current samples of our new 2012 collection. But we can't show you that yet ...

Here's a look behind the scenes at the factories.


The Top 3 Bodypack

We have selected our top 3 photos for you: those that surprised us or simply made us smile!


China's travel diary

China is also a veritable anthill where buildings are constantly under construction, where up to 5 different roads are superimposed ... where you travel at the level of the 5th floor of a building. Surprising! Without forgetting culinary surprises: like a crab to be shelled entirely with the fingers (not so easy for us, the Chinese are much more at ease) or the choice of fish for your meal in one of the restaurant's aquariums.


After two weeks of Chinese gastronomy, what a pleasure to find French meals.


Next week, we are flying for an express day in Bologna (yum) at our Italian distributors.