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Bodypack travel book: Poland

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Bodypack travel book: Poland

Here is our 2nd article in the Bodypack Travel Book section!

For our Facebook fans, it's no surprise, for readers of the blog may be on the other hand, we recently debuted Poland in order to launch Bodypack backpacks in the country. Our director therefore visited the country to meet potential distributors... The opportunity for a quick trip on site and a travel book after the very first devoted to China.

We thought we would publish an expressive report on the country with a small pee mixing photos like this one and anecdotes.

But... yes there is one. These 2 days in Poland were really loaded with no less than 8 companies met in 3 different cities! As a result, we find ourselves with a little less photos than hoped: the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, the last vestige of the communist era, a glimpse of the enigmatic Polish language, the custom of restaurants to decorate the room with old tools and accessories and two traditional dishes including red cabbage soup.

For a proper travel book, we will give you an appointment next year when we will meet our distributor on site after a first year of partnership.

See you soon!

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