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It is good, it is nice, it is ISPO

Posted 07 February 2012


And to us here is therefore back from l'ISPOthe living room of the gliding and of the outdoorwhich is held as every year at our dear first cousins in Munich, delightful less homely but glacial small town.


Imagine little: for her 41 ème edition, event regrouped this year more than 2300 exhibitors with 50 represented nationalities and will have seen marching 60 000 visitors!!

The living room which sends the heavy all in all.

During whole day we therefore surveyed feverishly the teeming paths and discovered all novelties and innovations of the small and big marks of the winter sport but also and especially of the nice, which I say, of sumptuous backpacks and many other luggage.

The different tendencies of the year were of course displayed and notably the graphic tendencies, which we actively brought to light: there were on the stands of marks, on the boards of snow, skis, ski poles, pullovers, jumper, underpants, shoes, bags, accessories, skates, glasses, socks, hats, people, very everywhere I say to you!! Of what to take full the mirettes and then to leave again, certainly exhausted, but with nice pictures printed in the cerebellum.


Once again, after the visit of this living room, the vatful Bodypack 2013 which we cook up to you currently will not risk dissatisfying you.

Oh and only for pleasure... A small selection fun:


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