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It's baby bomb

Posted 30 April 2015

In order to reduce the number of accidents of cyclists or other pedestrians, Volvo has recently launched in the United Kingdom a somewhat special but nevertheless very useful innovative spray.

The product is called YoungPaint. Rather, let us consider:

Bodypack Discoveries YoungPaint

Bodypack Discoveries YoungPaint

It is simple as hello but it was necessary to think about it, the principle is as follows: once the spray is applied to a surface, it becomes retro-reflective in contact with the light and more particularly the headlights of the vehicles thus allowing pedestrians, cyclists or skaters to be visible on the road.

The spray once applied lasts about 1 week and can be applied to all surfaces: helmets, bikes, and even backpacks...
Well, you'll tell me, we didn't wait for Volvo to put reflective parts on our school backpacks eh... I say that I say nothing.

Bodypack Discoveries YoungPaint