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It's International Family Day !

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

It's International Family Day !

Did you know ? May 15, 2019 is International Family Day !

So what is it, you ask ? This was in fact a decision taken by the General Assembly in 1993.

According to the official website of the United Nations (, this day is an opportunity to raise awareness of family issues, and to set up awareness-raising actions concerning them.

On our side, it is an opportunity to spend a little time with the family !

With the beautiful days (almost) back, why not take advantage of this Wednesday, children's day, to go for a small bike ride, a picnic, a visit to the zoo or even an amusement park, let's be crazy ! What if we also thought about calling Auntie, going to see papi, giving her little brother a hug even though he sometimes annoys us and giving mom a kiss ? It's time to share good moments of complicity together and enjoy our loved ones !

Of course, we will not let you go empty-handed ... think about equipping yourself !

Are you going for a walk ? Our backpacks are here for you ! Resistant and colorful, they will be perfect to take with you everything you need to spend a good day with the family.

  International day_family_sac_to_dos

Do you prefer to wait until the weekend to go on an adventure ? No problem, a whole range of travel and leisure bags are waiting for you !

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Discover or rediscover all our products on our online store, and tell us in Comment what you have planned to celebrate this day !

Enjoy ;)

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