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BODYPACK board choosing the right gym bag

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BODYPACK board choosing the right gym bag

A sports bag according to its activity

The beginning of the year often rhymes with new resolutions and in particular that of getting back to sport! To keep your good resolutions and stay motivated you surely need to find the right equipment. Once your outfit and accessories are chosen, you need something to carry them. For tidy up your Sports stuff, it is necessary to have a bag adapted to your needs and your activity because each sport requires specific storage. At Bodypack, we have understood these issues well and that is why we have imagined different formats and design so that you can find the model that suits you. Here is a selection of bodypack sports bags: you will necessarily find the right luggage for your activity.


 Bodypack choose your gym bag

Football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, handball

For the group sports, the shoulder bags are very convenient to carry equipment that can be heavy and bulky but also wet and dirty if the sport is practiced outdoors: a sports suit, a ball and other accessories. The sports bags below feature multiple pockets storage, an airy compartment to store your shoes or towel, or a compartment to store your drink.

Sports bag black and green 55L- 33 euros

YP sports bag red 55 L - 33 euros

Duffel bag grey 44 L - 40 euros



For the individual sports requiring a few things like swimming, you need to store your towel, and a few light things but that require a gym bag providing storage volume. Bags with a compartment for your towel but also to store your drink are perfect !

Sports bag flowers 45 L - 29 euros

Street sports bag 45 L - 29 euros


Running, Fitness

For a sports session between appointments or at the end of the day, the ideal gym bag must be easily carried by hand and throughout the day. Light, these 20-liter bags can hold most of your stuff.

Sports bag YP 20 L- 22 euros

Sports bag california 20 L - 22 euros


And what is the sport you practice ?

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