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Summer time: How to prepare for the change of time?

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Summer time: How to prepare for the change of time?

This Saturday 24 March at 02.00 in the morning, it will be 03.00!
Madman! Suddenly the rhythm of your days will shift by an hour. Sleep problems, cravings and heavy tiredness can be felt. If you don't prepare this change of time a little, you will stick to the bottom of your bed and feel staggered, tired all day...
But first! Before you read the Bodypack team's tips, don't you ask yourself:

Why this change of time and change to summer time every year?

Since 1975, the French have changed hours twice a year in order to save energy. Once on the last Sunday in October and again on the last Sunday in March. After the oil shock of 1974, the change of time was introduced in order to best match the hours of activity with the hours of sunshine, thus reducing the use of artificial lighting.
Great for the planet and the savings, but for your college metabolism and worse for the little ones it's another story! And it can sometimes be difficult to adapt, but don't worry too much anyway, after one or two weeks everything should come back in order anyway😉

1st tip: Anticipate!

Losing an hour's sleep at once is sometimes very difficult for the little ones. The first tip is to take it in advance! Anticipation, the key word to adapt smoothly to this change of time. 5 or 6 days before, meals, naps, bath and bedtime should be shifted by about 1/4 of an hour. Thus, in 5 or 6 days the smallest are adjusted to the new schedules of the day and to the new pace of the family. It is much easier to live than to move abruptly by an hour, the hour of getting up, meals and lying down, especially on the weekend when young children are already very tired.
For the bigger ones, harder to move gradually, but a little tip anyway: manually change its old hour awakening (if you still have one at the time of mobile phones and connected devices that change time automatically) can be a good psychological way to prepare for this change of pace. The action promotes memorization, your brain will integrate the change of time by this action to advance your awakening or your watch by one hour.
Do like Bartack, our cat: turns and turns to set you to the change of time😊

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The problems of awakening, precisely...

You will want to stay in bed until noon every day of the following week because hard for the body, when your alarm clock rings, it will be an hour earlier than usual for your internal clock, so if you do not prepare a little in advance for this change of time, it is the insured wakeup failure. To avoid this, the same as for the little ones: anticipate the week before by going to bed every evening 10 minutes before your usual time of bedtime and also get up 10 minutes earlier each morning. Thus, you will already be ready for this passage at summer time and enjoy the first morning glow to the fullest. If you go out for a ride, especially think about taking away your Bodypack backpack favourite;)
If you couldn't anticipate or this progressive shift doesn't work on you and you suddenly feel a big tiredness on Sunday for example: take advantage of it to make a small nap from 20 to 30 minutes in the afternoon after the meal, a good way to compensate for the time of sleep less than the previous day. And good news! The nap allows you to have better notes! Watch the video, about it on our Facebook page. On the other hand, the other days of the week require classes! The nap will be more complicated, but your Bodypack backpack will be there to support your heavy tired head at the break as in progress.

Wake-up failure, but also sleep failure

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With these beautiful days pointing the tip of their noses, (owl! we will finally be able to enjoy with our Bodypack sports and travel bags!), the sun will set later, its light later than in winter will certainly prevent you from falling asleep. To promote sleep: especially no screen, it is necessary to cut the laptops and tablets at least an hour before going to bed. The complete black in your room: close your shutters well to avoid seeing the outside light. Before you go to bed, you can also try the cup of hot milk with honey (a very effective granny remedy).
If all this has no impact on you and you still do not find sleep, think about spending yourself during the day: walking, short, skating or practicing your favorite sport, but moves with your own Bodypack backpack which is always hung on your back to store all your belongings and your water bottle if you left for a sporty surrender. Aerating, wasting is a very good way to get a little tired and find sleep faster in the evening.

And beware of meals!

Even if you are not hungry, since it will be necessary to eat an hour earlier, do not skip your meal because you will be taken with cravings afterwards and deregulate your metabolism, which needs daily dietary intakes at fixed hours. Trying to shift by 20 minutes, half an hour meals the two or three days before the time change is a good solution to gradually get your stomach accustomed to these new schedules. So we do not skip meals and we are not taken any cravings afterwards.
For the little ones, take a small snack in the afternoon, well stocked in a sound Bodypack taster bag is essential for them to hold until meal time.
With these few tips, you're ready for this summer time! Enjoy these longer days and the sun that should not be too long to accompany your days and evenings. Always with a Bodypack backpack of course

Time Change > > > Bag Change!
Don't hesitate to give us your trick to prepare you or face this change of pace in complete serenity (in the comments just below, thank you!)

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