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How to hide his report card?

Posted 11 April 2018

school report

When the student report card arrives, panic! Again, Bodypack gives you a great tip to avoid your parents' nervousness Either put it into practice or not! It depends on your moral level😊 But at Bodypack, we also like to laugh, so it's a good idea for us to hide your report card 😉

The secret pocket of your backpack

tone a bag This is one knapsackOne Computer package or Wheeled schoolbag There are always secret pockets package, which can be accessed internally. If you get your vote by hand in your high school or high school, don't hesitate to hide it in your pocket. knapsack Forget him!
Maybe your parents' forgetting cards will work!


Email blocking

Usually high school doesn't give your vote to yourself! They send it directly to your parents by mail to make sure it reaches the right destination: parents. But I don't count on your speed😉 All you have to do is get to your home and intercept the deadly envelope and Hip Hop! Now it's your turn You just need to hide your vote somewhere in your home or in your pocket knapsack. 

Pirating your parents' email

Worse! If you are in a "modern" school, your school transcripts may be mailed directly to your parents or can be viewed on your school's intranet. It's more difficult to eliminate the non-material things! Page: 1 

But the technology is also flawed, and your parents may be advocates of automatic connections, who have pre entered passwords on their home computers.
As long as you can get into this computer and open their email box, you can get everything! Delete just arrived mail from your school or connect to their account and change the password to access your college website. So they can't get it right away good job You just made a few days of money Until one day they know the truth and what you've done
To remind is that this is a kind of "pirated" personal data, identity theft, subject to severe legal sanctions. But today, let's laugh a little bit. Parents just need to pay more attention to protecting their Internet accounts. Right? Page: 1


Using image modification software to forge report card

If you can access the image transformation software, you can create a miracle! Scan the student transcripts you intercepted in your email address, use rubber or "select" tools to remove embarrassing grades, and then enter the grades you want in text mode. Don't forget to correct your overall average You print a new report card and put it in your knapsack When your parents come home from work, all you have to do is give it to them with pride. Yes, a little computer knowledge and mastery of this kind of software can sometimes be useful. Otherwise, you can use the old method of converting notes into pens, but the results are not sure.


Simulation of open disease

If computers are not your strong point, or if you can't access this image modification software, you might have the talent of an actor? When you are afraid to open the report card, facing your parents instead of the dirty expression on your face, completely imitate uneasiness! Diversion is also a good technique. In panic, quietly drop your vote in a corner of the room or under the carpet in the living room. Your parents will take care of you before you open a vote and blame you for your grades.
This is our wonderful suggestion today! But this time, seriously, we hope your report card will be very good. You don't have to lie to your parents or fake your report card.
In the comments below, don't hesitate to tell a personal story about what you experienced when a report card opened.😊


school report