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How to hide your report card?

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

How to hide your report card?


When the report card arrives, panic! Once again Bodypack gives you good advice to avoid tense situations with your parents ... To apply, or NOT! It all depends on your moral level😊 But at Bodypack we like to laugh too, so here are our good ideas to hide your report card 😉

The secret pockets of your backpack

Your Bodypack school bag let it be a backpack, a laptop bag or one wheeled school bag often has secret pockets on the sides of the bag, accessible from the inside. So if we give you your newsletter by hand in your college or high school, do not hesitate to stash it in one of your small pockets in your backpack and forget about it!
It may also work with your parents the card of oblivion!


Mailbox interception

Most of the time, colleges - high schools do not hand you your school report! They send it directly to your parents by post to be sure that it reaches its destination precisely: the parents. But that's without counting on your speed😉 You just have to arrive on the 1st or 1st at home and intercept the fateful envelope and presto! That's it. All you have to do is hide your newsletter somewhere at home or hide it in one of your pockets. backpack. 

Hacking your parents' mailbox

And yes even worse! If you are in a “modern” college, your school report may be sent directly to your parents by email or can be viewed online on your establishment's intranet site. More difficult to make something dematerialized disappear! 

But technology has its flaws too, and your parents may be adept at auto-login and have pre-saved their password on the family computer.
You just need to have access to this computer, open their mailbox and you have access to everything! Delete the email from your college that has just arrived or log into their account and change the password for accessing your college site. So they won't be able to get it right away. Well done ! You just gained a few more days of life ... Until the day they know the truth and what you did ...
As a reminder: it is forbidden to do this, it is a kind of "piracy" of personal data, identity theft, strongly reprimanded by the law. But today we're here for a bit of a laugh and parents just need to be more careful about protecting their internet accounts. Not true ?


Falsify your report card with image editing software

If you can have access to image editing software, you can work wonders! You must first scan your report card intercepted in the letterbox, remove the somewhat annoying notes using the eraser or the "selection" tool and then, in text mode, you type the note that you want to attribute yourself. Don't forget to also correct your overall average so that the accounts are fair all the same! You print your new report card, you slip it into your backpack and all that remains is to proudly give it to your parents when they get home from work. And yes, knowing a little about computers and learning to master this type of software can be very useful sometimes. Otherwise you can always try with the old method: transform your notes with a pen, but the result is less guaranteed.


Simulate a disease at the time of opening

If IT isn't your strong suit or you don't have access to this type of image editing software, maybe you have acting skills? At the dreaded moment of the opening of the report card, facing your parents instead of making a bad face, outright simulates the discomfort! Attention diversion is a good technique too. In a panic, discreetly make your bulletin disappear in a corner of the room or under the living room rug. Your parents will want to treat you first before opening your report card and scolding you for your results.
So much for our great tips of the day! But this time, seriously, we hope your report card will be good and you don't need to lie to your parents or tamper with your report card.
Do not hesitate to tell (in the comments below), a personal story that you experienced when opening a report card.😊



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