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How to avoid the stress of examinations?

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

How to avoid the stress of examinations?

The more tired the exams approach and the more Stress Invades you. Normal motion but can be penalizing. This week, Bodypack's team gives you some tips and tricks to help you deal with this stress. There are many solutions: soft medicine, meditation, small pills being said to be a miracle! But here's what we chose to avoid the stress of the " " To our dear Bodypackers in 3 times: what needs to be put in place well before the exams and then, just before the tests and our tips for the great day!

 Bodypack Advice Stress Tips

Long before exams

To avoid stress and to be sure to pass this important stage of your life, it is better to be ready for these events by having learned your lessons all year round and to prepare your revision sheets (as your teachers have to have it all year round!) You can read about this, another article on Bodypack's blog: How to organize its revisions.

But if you read this article, it's that stress is invading you because you may not have worked enough and revised enough throughout the year? For you period of revision is equal to the period when in fact I am learning the whole program of all the materials in just a few days? We understand your stress! But the message we wanted to send out is that having good work habits all year means being less stressed as we approach exams.


The good habits!

It seems that they are harder to take than bad J as sleeping early rather than late! Revise rather than get out until late at night. Balanced anger rather than burgers, sandwiches and soft drinks every day ... Easy to say? But when one is young difficult to resist outings between friends and burger by leaving or going back from the evening with this rucksack that follows you everywhere?Bodypack_checks

The Bodypack school bags, backpacks adapted to student life!


You have bad habits, but you have confidence in you. This may be the key to avoiding too much stress on exams. Dealing with serenity, knowing that you are going to succeed whatever happens. Trust is often a success factor because it can overcome this stress.

Its Future, Projecting

Knowing what we're going to do after the exams, projecting itself into the future is a good way to avoid stress because once that " Formality " Past exams, you know that after a new life opens up to you. You may be moving, working ... In addition, it is a good motivation to pass the exams. You can now choose the travel bag that will accompany you in your new adventures!

 Bodypack Advice Stress Tips

Just Before the exam


The trend: meditation

Knowing how to manage your emotions, make the void ... Many forms of meditations exist, you can find many articles currently on this subject in the magazine press or on the internet, watch videos on YouTube! Mediation does not require specific knowledge. You can learn to meditate alone or in groups, at the beginning it is better to be accompanied by small group or in sessions of private initiations. To go to these meditation sessions we advise you a Sports bag with capacity of 45L To be able to put a variety of things like a meditation mat, put a bottle of water, drop CDs of relaxing music ... During these sessions you will discover small relaxation exercises that you can reproduce about everywhere, at home, in your room of course or examination, in public transport ... You will learn to do breathing exercises to relax. These exercises make it possible to realize how stress is everywhere in us and to know how to repel it so that we can finally relax.


In meditation, you can also learn to control your stress by turning your attention to an object that surrounds you. Your backpack, for example, you fix it, you analyze it in all its components: what color is it, how is it done? You're imagining touching it, what does it look like? Is it soft or rough? Chaud or cold? That's your attention, and you're focused on what's around you, and you've got to go beyond that stress. The mediation will allow you to relax and control all your emotions, see even to acquire the faculty to optimize them with a little training. Transforming stress into positive rather than negative energy is what meditation leads.



This Chinese medicine also works very well for the pain points that you can feel in your body and that can be caused by stress. If you have " The belly ball " A few small needles well placed on points of connection of your body will disappear this evil from the first sitting or after a few recurrences.

Time to Time

To escape the stress, it is necessary to stop from time to time, make breaks in his reviews to get out, make sports. It is important to regularly aerate the lungs and mind. A healthy mind in a healthy body as this proverb reminds us?

The nights stirred on the eve of the tests

When you are stressed, just before the exams are impossible to find sleep and it can even happen to be so anxious that you don't sleep at night. This stress can also take place during the night, by awaken in the middle of the night. Hard drive to approach the tests with almost a white night the day before ... In these cases, calling for inner calm, relaxation, breathing exercises can help find sleep. Grandmother remedies can also function as a verine weaver, or a cup of hot milk with a spoon of honey that makes it easier to fall asleep.

 Bodypack Advice Stress Tips

Day J

Get up early to avoid being stung

It is better to get a little ahead of the exams. The delay is not enough to stress and to say that we will not have enough time to do everything. So, taking advance of the day of the tests on both the time of the lifting and the journey time is essential for a good start to the day of examinations. Think about preparing your business well in its Backpack The day before to forget the very morning and leave under stress.

Eating Well, Moisturizing

These events are related to a real mental marathon. Eating well, but not too much to avoid drowsiness, well drink during the tests is important to be to the maximum of its abilities. The brain is a body that makes us spend a lot of energy, so we must not go the empty belly. In the many storage pockets of the Backpacks Bodypack, you can put energy bars or small cakes and bottles of water. Ton Backpack, a true companion for his ordeals.


When stress rises nothing like sophrology. Breathing through the stomach, for example, allows you to control your breath, to regain control of your body and your thoughts. Victory visualization exercises when playing a sport or passing exams allow you to calmly deal with these stressful situations.

Time management

Managing your time well during the events is a factor of success. When you come out of an ordeal happy with yourself in principle it is because you have managed your time well. On the contrary, if you come out dissatisfied it is because you know that you were wrong, or that you did not have time to finish! Time flies during an event so you have to keep an eye on your watch from time to time.

 Bodypack Advice Stress Tips

After the exams, no stress!


Releasing the tension of exams

It's the best time of the year: celebrate the end of the J exams, it's over! The pressure drops, the stress is only a distant memory. It's an opportunity to go out, finally! You can let go with your friends and enjoy it. No more revisions and stress from exams. A new life begins for you.
What backpack or travel would you choose to accompany you in this new stage of your life?

The whole Bodypack team wishes you good luck and complete success in your exams! And especially no stress!?

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