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What if I have a problem with a subject at school?

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

What if I have a problem with a subject at school?

You can't say that school is easy every day ... Even less now!

And whatever age or class, we all have a favorite subject ... and one that we don't like at all.

A lot of times you can get by with average grades or think that in the worst case the other subjects will catch up with poor results. We can of course also go the extra mile in this hated material and do our best not to be penalized, even if it horrifies us!

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But what if a subject, or a teacher, is really a problem for us at school? Do not panic !

As we said, one of the solutions if you find a really difficult subject is to work on it even harder, you have to persevere. And if it's too complicated on your own, it is always time to resort to private lessons, academic support platforms, or to work in groups (even remotely!). We have already shared some tips with you in a previous article ;)

Otherwise, hopefully this is a subject that we can part with later by making the right choices in high school. It’s in the best interest of being able to choose to study whatever you want!

In any case, it is important not to be discouraged! As difficult as it is, it remains a school subject. You can do it;)

And if it's not so much the difficulty of the subject that is the problem but rather your teacher, you will be fine. It's unlikely that your teacher will actually hate you, but an atmosphere of conflict in the classroom can seriously spoil the mood, and so will the grades.

First of all, we can ask ourselves if we have perhaps done something reprimandable: are we paying attention in class, do we return homework on time, etc? If everything is in order on this side, but we still get bad results and they are not justified, it may be time to talk about it: to the parents who can make an appointment with the teacher, the head teacher, the CPE, ... see the teacher in person! By remaining respectful and calm, there is no reason not to be able to find a solution. :)

Bodypack_Difficulties at school

From our side, we wish you good luck for the end of the year! If it helps, we wrote some articles to share tips with you :)

And if you already want to treat yourself to the next school year, we have just released our very new collection ! Go take a look;)


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