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How do a recycled bag at Bodypack?

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How do a recycled bag at Bodypack?

As we are concerned about the environment and our impact, at Bodypack we set up several actions In order to compensate for our carbon footprint.
In particular, we are committed to tree planting for each bought bag, and all our in-house materials (pallets, cartons, plastics) are sorted and recycled. We also try to make maximum use of recycled materials for documents around our products, such as leaflets and labels.

What the RPET Bodypack Backet Recycled National Geographics Planet or Plastic

Ph. National Geographic / Planet Gold Plastic

Since 2020, part of our collections is performed in RPET polyester: in other words, a textile made entirely from recycled bottles, and is 100% recyclable.

But what is the RPET? It is also good in terms of quality as the virgin polyester, but it requires a lot less resource for its design. In addition, it is a particularly resistant material to weather.

Create a RPET polyester consists of hot spinning the fibers from degraded materials, such as recycled plastic waste. This makes it strongly limiting falls, and in fact to recycle this material again several times.

In addition, a RPET polyester bodypack bag (like the backpack BUSINESS UNIX) corresponds to about 20 recycled plastic bottles. For our next collections, we want to reach 100% products made of recycled polyester!

And to stay in this spirit, at home no product is really thrown. What is not in a state is sent to recycling, and the items we no longer wish to offer you for sale for various reasons but remain loyal to bodypack quality are sent to associations in France and around the world.

What is the RPET recycled bodypack bag

Finally, all our products are guaranteed from 2 to 10 years: in fact, this allows less to consume and therefore less produce!

In other words, when you acquire a bodypack bag you benefit not only from a particularly designed product product to accompany you in your daily activities, but you also participate in the reforestation of our regions while remaining eco- responsible.

So, thank you and bravo to you! ;)

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