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How to take care of your children during confinement?

Posted 23 March 2020

After almost a week of confinement to limit the spread of COVID-19, you may be starting to feel the hours go by ...

Improvised teleworking, layoffs or continuing your activity in unpleasant conditions, what a joy! And with the schools closed, many of us have to keep the kids at home as well, and even provide what is pleasantly called continuity of education. But of course, even if your little monsters were big enough to do homework and other lessons on their own, it couldn't keep them going all day ...

So what to do to manage this situation, which we want as short as possible?

If you have some spare time, it can be a good time to finally take care of yourself. Certainly, it is impossible to go to the beautician or the barber, but this is the opportunity to finally use the facials we gave you at Christmas, to take a bath with bubbles, to resume sport. by doing a few push-ups, etc.

Same with your kids: girls or boys, have a crazy hair salon in your bathroom and play with them for a while doing anything with your hair, and theirs!

Containment may also be an opportunity to do all those little things at home that you always put off: finally change the light bulb in the hallway, fix that thing that has been broken for days, go around the cupboards in the room. cooking to kick out what is outdated or find inspiration for new recipes, now is the time.

And why not also sort through the cupboards, yours and those of your little ones! Take the opportunity to make a parade, to make it fun;)

But once the whole family is clean, the house is spotless, the day's work is over and the homework done… What do we do?

There is still plenty to do with board games, manual activities, creative games, films and series, video games, music, books and comics ... This may be the opportunity to get back to the guitar (the poor thing collects dust in the closet, confinement she knows), let your child introduce you to Fortnite for once, do a blind test, read our blog, get started with drawing… You can still have a good time, even at home!

And above all, take good care of yourself and follow the safety instructions! ;)