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How to find a summer job ? BodyPack tracks for your research

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How to find a summer job ? BodyPack tracks for your research

 Bodypack summer job tips

The end of the school year is approaching and you want to work this summer ? It's time to start your research ! Bodypack accompanies you in this important stage of your life. The summer job is often the first experience in the world of work that can sometimes be memorable ! ?

How to organize your research ?

Timing, we are still good, the months of May and June are the ideal to start your research and pass your interviews. Come July when you are on vacation, it may already be too late, all the positions have been filled. Not too late to start your research is the assurance of getting the job that will suit you best, in your geographical area and in a company and industry that interests you.

Work even when you're a minor

From the age of 16 it is possible to start work. It's a little more difficult than when you're already 18, but with a little help from those around you it's feasible. It is necessary to take it a little more in advance, papers and regulations oblige ... you need above all a parental authorization, a medical examination in good standing and recent and above all an employer willing to do the administrative steps to be able to employ you. This is what makes hiring minors difficult because it must ask for an additional authorization upstream to URSAFF, it is this approach that brakes employers to the hiring of young people because it can be refused and it is very restrictive (adapted schedules, no dangerous manipulations, no carrying heavy loads...) Your personal network can still help you find your first job…

  1. Consult your personal and family network

When one has no experience, find his 1er job is not easy so you might as well turn to people who know you and can recommend you: use your Network ! You think you don't have a network, but you do ! You already have one, more or less wide. Tell your parents about your plans to work this summer, they have a very wide network and knowledge that can help you or even hire you ! Otherwise ask your neighbors, same thing, they have a network of friends and acquaintances who can find you a place somewhere. Friends of your parents, or even shopkeepers in your neighborhood who have known you since childhood and would be happy to help you. Your own friends or relatives can also recommend you or find you a job in their company. Today, there are also social networks, if you are present, do not hesitate to launch a call and explain what you are looking for as a job.

Gone hop ! Your CVs in your backpack and you go on a tour of shopkeepers and neighbors near you.

  1. The professional network

  • Pôle Emploi agencies there are currently many vacancies for summer leave replacements and seasonal positions. You can go to your local agency to view them or register on their website.
  • You can also go to the CRIJ where there is a lot of information and advice for youth employment, especially if you are a minor. So don't forget your backpack, you'll come back with a lot of very interesting documentation.
  • Acting agencies are highly sought after by companies with also jobs to fill for the summer season in multiple areas of activity. Sign up for those near you, although staff at these agencies often prefer experienced profiles for their clients, they may also have clients who are not against training young people and give them the opportunity to get that first experience.
  • Spontaneous application : If you don't get a job offer or if your application isn't successful, there's nothing to stop you from applying directly to companies in a promising sector that are looking for young people every year for the summer months.
  1. Your tools?

A simple resume and clear with a happy smiling photo and engaging and emphasizing on the presentation of your project rather than on the famous "professional experiences" pad since you don't really have one yet. But if you are looking well you still have it : your internships in companies, observation internships at college or graduation are professional experiences to highlight. Are you part of an association ? Do not hesitate to explain your role in this association and the actions you have carried out there. Do you practice a passion ? Are you a specialist in a particular field ? All that what you know about yourself and what you do in your private sphere may be skills and strengths to highlight on your resume.
And when you have little experience, you have to write your cover letter, explain why you choose this company to work, defend your personal or professional project and convince of your motivation and skills to be able to hold this position. With that you're ready to get an interview!

Bodypack summer job tips

Apply in sectors that recruit


Agriculture. This sector runs at full speed during the summer period and often searches the world with great difficulty, being in rural sector, which does not necessarily attract young people who simply can not go there because of lack of driver's license and vehicle ... but if you live in the countryside and you like to be outside, being a fruit picker for 2 months could well be one of the best experiences of your life. Sun, joke of colleagues and giggles in shambles guaranteed ! (Hard work and big fatigue guaranteed too, attention it is a physical and exhausting work). With your backpack Suitcase hang on your back, at the top of the trees you will always have your things and bottle of water to carry hands ;) with the farmer who will welcome you, you can negotiate to sleep on the spot, in a room or in your tent and you will be fed there too. And you never know if you take a liking to this work, you can chain on the harvest season in September !

Hotel and catering there are plenty of vacancies for the summer season, so if you want to try the adventure of a season by the sea and leave a little from your city and your parents with your beautiful signature caster case, you can apply in a hotel or restaurant in a resort or in any other tourist place. France being the first tourist destination in the world, the solutions are numerous, on all our coasts but also on multiple tourist sites such as castles, museums, historical monuments…

Bodypack's signature caster case. Large capacity: 70 L



Backpack with computer compartment and other storage pockets. Design and comfortable : backpack from the Hexatrame range

The cultural sector and the many festivals that take place throughout the summer are looking for people (volunteers or punctual worker paid to the stamp) to welcome the public, guide them, serve them. By going to the event sites or on the one in your city or in the acting agencies, you will be able to find offers. These one-time jobs can be a good solution if you don't want to work every day and enjoy your vacation a little. The Hexatrame computer bag will be your best companion for this experience and accompany you in all your missions: computer compartment, pouch for camera or mobile phone, compartment for your water bottle ... it is both a leisure backpack professional.

Sport and Animations

Do you have your BAFA or do you have a degree in sports? Your way is all found! You can work in an entertainment centre to take care of the children or be a sports host in a holiday club or a lifeguard on the beaches... With the Galaxy sports bag Here you are, set for a summer under the sun and full of memories... :)

Galaxy Sport and Travel Bag. Great capacity 75 L and it is on wheels for easy transport!


Bodypack summer job tips


There are other sectors that recruit closer to home, such as mass distributionThe Handling, the smaintenance and cleaning ervicesThe personal assistance servicesThe TelemarketingThe Tourism... The solutions are numerous and we hope that these few tracks will help you find your summer job. So in everything we've presented to you in this article, what would you rather try as a work experience? Whatever your choice, Bodypack backpacks and even our travel bags will be there to accompany you throughout this experience, do not forget it ;)


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