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How to find a summer job? Bodypack leads your research

Posted 16 May 2018


The school year is coming to an end. Do you want to work this summer? It's time to start your research Bodypack will accompany you through this important moment in your life Summer work is often the first work experience, sometimes it is worth remembering!!!

How to arrange your research?

It's a good time to start your research and interview in May and June. It's July, and when you're on holiday, it may be too late because all the jobs have been filled. Don't start searching too late to make sure that you get the most suitable position for you, in your geographical area, in the companies and industries you are interested in.

Even minors have to work

From the age of 16, you can start working. It's harder than when we were 18, but it's possible to have a little help from people around us. First of all, you need permission from your parents, a normal recent medical examination, and more importantly, an employer willing to do administrative procedures for your work. This makes it difficult to employ minors because of the need to apply for additional upstream permits from the Soviet Union, which prevents employers from employing young people because it can be rejected and is highly restrictive ("proper working hours, no dangerous manipulation"). Your personal network can help you find your first job

  1. Access to personal and home networks

When you have no experience, find your firstcarbon dioxide Work is not easy, so you should find someone who knows you and can recommend you: use your network! You think you don't have a signal, but you do! You already have one Talk about your work plan this summer. They have a very extensive network and knowledge that can help you even hire you! Otherwise, your neighbors will ask the same question. They have a network of friends and knowledge that can find you somewhere. Friends of your parents, even businessmen in your neighborhood, have known you since childhood and are willing to help you. Your own friends or their parents can also recommend you or find a job in their company "Today, there are also social networks. If you are present, please do not hesitate to make a call and explain the job you are looking for.

Go ahead! Your resume knapsack You're going to tour the merchants and neighbors in your neighborhood

  1. Career network

  • Employment agency At present, a large number of summer replacement and seasonal job advertisements are being received. You can check in with your local organization, check it out or register on their website.
  • You can go, too Krieger There is a lot of information and advice about youth employment, especially when you are a minor. So don't forget about yours knapsackYou'll come back with a bunch of interesting documentaries
  • Agency The demand for summer jobs is also high, and there are jobs to fill in many business areas. Register at a place near your home, and while staff at these institutions tend to prefer to provide experienced profiles to clients, they may also have clients who are not opposed to training young people to give them a chance to gain first-time experience.
  • Voluntary application: If you don't find a suitable job, or if your application is rejected, there's nothing to stop you from applying directly to a vibrant industry that looks for young people every summer.
  1. Your tools?

Brief resume Clear and clear Good picture And fascinating Introduce your plan Not in the famous "work experience" column, because you don't have real work experience yet. However, if you really want to find: your business internship, high school observation or graduation internship are professional experience to emphasize. Are you a member of an association? Don't hesitate to explain your role in the association and your actions there. Do you have enthusiasm? Do you have any expertise in a particular field? What is unique to you and what you can do in your personal field may be abilities and strengths that you should cherish on your resume.
When you don't have much experience, you should write a motivational letter explaining why you chose the company to work there, defend your personal or career plans, and convince you of your motivation and ability to take up the position. You're ready for the interview

Candidates in the recruitment department

Summer work
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AgriculturePage: 1 It's a business that runs in the summer, and it's often difficult to find the world. In rural areas, it doesn't necessarily appeal to young people, because you don't have a driver's license or a vehicle... But if you live in the countryside and like to be outside, Two months of fruit picking can be one of the best experiences of your life. Sun, colleagues' jokes and crazy laughter are guaranteed! (hard work and great fatigue are also guaranteed. Note that this is a physical and erectile job.) Use yours knapsack suitcase Hang a tree on your back, you will always have your things and a bottle of water to carry. With the farmers who receive you, you can discuss sleeping in the scene, in the room or in the tent, or you can eat there. We'll never know if you've ever tasted the job. You can have a chain reaction during the grape growing season in September!

Hotel Restaurant If you want to try a seasonal seaside adventure, leave your city and your parents with your beautiful family Roulette signature suitcaseYou can apply for a hotel or restaurant at a seaside resort or other resort. France is the first tourist destination in the world. There are many solutions not only on our coast, but also in many tourist attractions such as castles, museums, historical monuments, etc.

Summer work

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Of events.

Summer work

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Throughout the summer, cultural departments and numerous festivals are looking for people ("volunteers", "people who pay on time") to receive, guide and serve the public. If you go to your city or agency site, you can find a job. If you don't want to work every day and enjoy your vacation, these temporary jobs can be a good solution. this Computer package This will be your best partner to accompany you in all your tasks: computer cabin, camera bag, mobile phone bag, water bottle cabin... It's a dual task. Leisure backpack And professional

Sports and animation

Do you have your gym or sports diploma? Find your way! You can work in an animation center, take care of children, or be a sports host at a holiday club, or a swimming lifeguard on the beach. and Motion package galaxies Now you are ready to spend a summer full of memories in the sun Page: 1

Summer work Sports and Galaxy travel bag Large capacity of 75 liters, and the wheel is light transportation!





There are other industries near your home Large distributiondialog box Loading and unloadingdialog boxRepair and cleaning defectsPage: 1 Personal servicesdialog box telemeteringdialog box tourismThere are many solutions, and we hope these clues will help you find your summer job. Of all the things we've shown you in this article, what kind of work do you want to try? Whatever you choose knapsack Even ours Travelling bag Don't forget to be with you in this experience

Summer work