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Confinement: how to organise his revisions (or his job).

Posted 30 March 2020

We are always in confinement further to the Coronavirus epidemic, and everything is always closed: shops, schools, offices etc …

Some of you, blocked at home, are therefore forced to suffer the school at home, continuity of education, online courts or in video-conference, in short, to continue having court by having withdrawing all fun of the school since you have the mates even no more to use to be able to stand.

And however, even in these not very nice conditions, it is necessary to continue studying and working hard, even if the modalities of examinations as the patent or the receptacle are always vague.

Then how to remain diligent when they are at home, in front of his computer, with within reach hand its portable, its console, etc? Without even a teacher in the room to re-centre us when they are distracted, to say to us that “the wall holds very well all alone” when they fall asleep the forehead on the wallpaper scaled by the class, or to tell us to keep our dialogues for re-creates it when they are surprised to chatter? Because without lying, from the moment when the window of the video-conference was closed, nobody can prevent us from turning on the television directly.

Except that controls are nevertheless going to fall, and examinations also, in either way. It is therefore essential to keep a good rhythm of study, there will be an instant willy-nilly when this is going to pay.

First smartness, which is valid also for all persons compelled to telecommuting: begin your day as you would make it if you went to school or to job. Keep a waking (relatively) early, drink the coffee, the baby dèj, take a shower, get dressed, make what you want but try at the farthest to keep your habitual routine. It will allow you to stay in a healthy rhythm and not to live too much there brought forward.

Also try to become established in good productiveness conditions: they know that it is tempting, but you will be better to your office that on your bed.

Then, take time to plan your day. Methods are varied, therefore take the time to find what to you go the best (list of recalls, calendar or paper or numerical agenda, it does not much matter), but note your appointments of the day, tasks to be performed for courts (as reread such lesson or make such exercise before such lesson) and for yourlself (take out the dog, call granny, etc.), and try to assess the time which it will get from you. In that way, it will be simpler to take it easy of time for pauses.

Similarly, try to envisage revision parallel parkings by material, an accomplishable length, of course (nobody is ready to review the history of the Merovingians during 4 h). Space them out of small pauses, no more than a quarter, the time to answer your textos last and to empty the dishwasher as the parents asked for it you.

If necessary, there are some extensions and applications allowing you to limit the useful life of sites during the day if for example you have tendency to open Instagram every 5 minutes. As long as to make, visit our ;) 

This will get from you surely some days, but you will end up finding a rhythm which corresponds to you to continue being productive and assuring the good notes.

Tell us in comments how is that takes place ;)

Courage to you!