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Containment: how to organize your reviews (or your work).

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Containment: how to organize your reviews (or your work).

We are still in confinement following the Coronavirus epidemic, and everything is still closed: stores, schools, offices, etc.

Some of you, stranded at home, are therefore forced to undergo home schooling, continuing education, online or videoconferencing courses, in short, to continue to have classes having taken all the fun away. from school since you don't even have friends to help you cope.

And yet, even in these unpleasant conditions, you have to continue to study and work hard, even if the examination methods such as the patent or the bac are still unclear.

So how can you stay diligent when you're at home, in front of your computer, with your laptop, console, etc. Without even a teacher in the room to reframe us when we are distracted, to tell us that “the wall holds up very well on its own” when we fall asleep with our foreheads on the peeling wallpaper of the classroom, or to tell us to keep our conversations for playtime when we're caught chatting? Because, truthfully, the moment we close the video conferencing window, no one can stop us from turning on the TV directly.

Except ... the checks will drop anyway, and so will the exams, one way or another. It is therefore essential to keep a good pace of study, there will inevitably be a time when it will pay off.

First tip, which also applies to anyone who is forced to work from home: start your day as you would if you were going to school or to work. Wake up (relatively) early, have coffee, breakfast, shower, get dressed, do whatever you want but try as much as possible to keep your usual routine. This will allow you to stay in a healthy rhythm and not to live too quirky.

Also, try to settle into good productivity conditions: we know it's tempting, but you will be better at your desk than on your bed.

Then take some time to plan your day. The methods are varied, so take the time to find what suits you best (reminder list, calendar or paper or digital diary, it doesn't matter), but write down your appointments for the day, the tasks to be done for the classes (like rereading this lesson or doing this exercise before a certain lesson) and for yourself (taking the dog out, calling granny, etc.), and try to estimate the time it will take you. This will make it easier to make time for breaks.

Likewise, try to provide review windows for each subject, of an achievable duration, of course (no one is ready to review the history of the Merovingians for 4 hours). Take short breaks, no longer than a quarter of an hour, to answer your last texts and empty the dishwasher as the parents told you to.

If necessary, there are some extensions and applications that allow you to limit the amount of time you use sites during the day if for example you tend to open Instagram every 5 minutes. For that matter, visit our ;) 

It'll probably take you a few days, but eventually you'll find a rhythm that works for you to continue being productive and getting good grades.

Tell us in comments how it goes;)

Courage to you!

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