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Women's football World War 2019

Posted 07 June 2019

Take the cup home. In 2018, the blue people made it. It's great.

If someone tells you, can we do it again this year?

The opening ceremony of the women's world cup is June 7! We are at war with South Korea This is the first time France has hosted the world cup!

Why are we sure to win? Because although the whole team is excellent, most of the selection is from Lyon. In Bodypack, as a brand in Lyon's history, we can only agree with it.

Ladies, it's time Are you rugby or something? Let us know in the comments! No matter what kind of activities you like.


Sports bag

If the total capacity is 45L, the main cabin and the ventilation compartment, such as shoes or towels, you can be sure that all your equipment, whatever it is, can be delivered, all of which have a women's and print design.

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Let's support the blues as warmly as last summer!