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How to organize online courses?

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

How to organize online courses?

Who would have thought that one day we would regret going to class? Because of sanitation, most of the time you can't attend classes, and many of you may be. We understand you! In the classroom, we have an advantage, that is, we can see our friends, working as a team, can ask the teacher for help, we still have the obligation to class.

In addition to distance learning, we have more teachers telling us, "your exciting conversation can wait until the break time" or "go to bed at night" (yes, it's an experience). With everything you like, you can easily turn off the camera and microphone and do other things. It's just that it doesn't help with the review, it only pays for the exam.

So, when you have computers, mobile phones, console and books, how can you review them correctly when you try to understand what affine functions are?

Everyone has their own technology, but the first step for everyone is to learn as many online courses as possible. We know it sounds obvious, but it's much easier to have an idea about the subject than to review it blindly. Have a little courage: you can do it in class, and you can do it online! You put yourself on the table, take notes with your hand or keyboard, and leave your cell phone at home Flip and mute Avoid temptation in a corner (don't pretend, we're all the same. We see a notice and suddenly we roll on instagram for 10 minutes. We will also turn off the notification on the computer! Class time is not long.
Ideally, be ready Bag Day two: keep good habits.

At the end of the course, we agreed that we should take a break. But not an hour! Just in time for Mars in the kitchen to reply to the latest text messages. Because in order to make a little sense of what you say in class, if there is no other course, you'd better look carefully. You can reread your notes, correct some wording, highlight important elements, and pay attention to things you don't think are clear, so that you can ask the right questions. Remember, information that is not clear after class may not be clearer during the exam!

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When you don't have many classes in a day, or a few hours between classes, you can still enjoy our leisure time. However, it's better not to wear incredible make-up or hairstyle while the console is still in hand, as we are trying the tutorial, please be careful not to make mistakes on tiktok or say "still only one chapter / only one chapter" Episode.

In order to keep a good attitude before class, set an alarm 10 to 15 minutes ago: when the alarm goes off, it's time to stop what you're doing, go clean up, read the last class, and know what we want to talk to you about. If you have a little preparation time, it's much easier to focus instead of turning a rooster into a donkey!

When it comes to preparing for an inspection or doing a task that must be done, it's a battle! Give yourself a goal that can be achieved and a good return. We shared some techniques in the last article Keep a healthy daily life, which can help you not to disperse too much. And in terms of resources, we had also listed a lot of links for revise with cool and accessible content

We are well aware that the situation is not obvious, even discouraging, but you are largely able to cope with all this and find your new rhythm. In any case, we trust you. ;)

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