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Discover the new Bodypack collection for back to school!

Posted 06 June 2020

Tadaaam! 👏 The whole new Bodypack collection for the start of the school year is online! And here, we are all very proud of it!

Bags of all colors and sizes, for all ages! And of course, as with each collection we have not only created original designs for each model, but we have also multiplied the technologies to ensure maximum comfort on a daily basis.

Bodypack_New collection 2020

For the little ones, we have created snack bags featherweight with a special animal theme, adjustable and padded shoulder straps, and several reflective parts to ensure both the safety and the comfort of children!

Bodypack_New collection 2020

For older children primary class, the choice is vast! 38cm or 41cm schoolbags, traditional or equipped with silent and luminous wheels, wheeled backpacks with reinforced bottoms, with flowers, dinosaurs, butterflies, skateboards… Enough to lose your mind!

Bodypack_New collection 2020

And for adults, backpacks for college or high school from 1 to 3 compartments, some expandable, some USB, others with an adjustable back to adapt to the morphology of everyone. In any case, all our bags have padded and ventilated backs to be carried comfortably while remaining sure to be able to store all your belongings.
Our favorite model staying well on the MakeMyPack, the customizable 3-in-1 backpack. ;) to create the event in your school.

Bodypack_New collection 2020

And to complete all this, school kits perfect for accommodating all the pens, pencils and other necessary accessories.

With all this choice, you are bound to find a model to your liking, so don’t hesitate and go take a look! 😉