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Discover Bodypack bags

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Discover Bodypack bags

Bodypack divides its catalogue between backpacks and other luggage items...

For, as you will have understood, The backpack is the iconic Bodypack product available in multiple shapes and colours: expandable, cabin, computer, etc.

Here's a quick look at our offer. All our bags are visible on our product site (don't be surprised, it contrasts a bit with the blog):


With one or two compartments and many pockets, they are designed for everyday, school and/or leisure life.

The graphics are derived from the current trends spotted by the creative team: dreams, origami, ethnicity...

Bodypack luggage 2012

Perfect for leisure, relaxation or urban life with their multitude of accessories:

  • Foamed compartment to accommodate a computer,
  • Adjustable and detachable straps,
  • Anti-opening system for zippers
  • Exit mp3 or water pocket,
  • Accessory door


Sports bags

From the mini sports bag to the 75cm wheeled sports bag, every athlete can find his or her own Bodypack sports bag suitable for its use: casual or regular.

Bodypack luggage 2012



Flexible or rigid, for all trips: a Bodypack suitcase awaits you ;)

What's new in 2012: rigid suitcases with 4 multi-directional wheels available in 3 sizes, including one in cabin format.

Bodypack luggage 2012

In a flexible version, Bodypack travel bags, 70 or 90L, with a new graffiti print or a design that matches signature bags.


And go to the spring for other beautiful, fresh novelties!

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