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A winter holiday at a reduced price!

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A winter holiday at a reduced price!


Zone A follows the movementwinter holidays this Saturday!

Bodypack helps you not to forget anything for your holiday at the mountain slipping a few tricks. Loan? GO!

The first thing to do before going to the mountain is to prepare equipment of ski ! For those who already have their equipment, it is important to check the fixings, verify thecondition of footwear and of soles of your skis, snows, skiscoot

For those who have to rent their equipment, consider booking on rental sites, you will save time in the station!

To continue in this anticipation, if you already have maps for ski passes, you can reload them online before your arrival. Visit the site of your station to do so, there are often reductions !  

With regard to clothing, it is essential to have resistance fighters in cold and in humidity. Opt for either a entire combination to prevent snow from returning in the event of a fall or clothes technology put under a sweater and under the ski pants.

Hoping that you have a great sun, it is important to protect your eyes with a mask and of sunglasses if you are more ski-bar ;). But also a lip balma hand cream but also solar high protection.
Also think about composing a small pharmacy kit with the essentials: dressings, aspirin, antiseptic

Finally, equip yourself with a backpack to be able to place these elements with you during your descents by adding: handkerchief, water bottle, cereal bar (for the little cravings) and all that seems useful to you to have with you.


To you the tracks and do not forget us send your snowy photos!

The team Bodypack wish you a good holiday at the mountain !



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