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A winter vacation at a reduced price !

Posted 08 February 2019


The Area A follows the movementof the winter holidays this Saturday !

Bodypack helps you don't forget anything for your vacation in the mountains when you slip a few tricks. Ready ? GO !

The first thing to do before heading to the mountain is to prepare the equipment for skiing ! For those who already have their equipment, it is important to check fasteners, check thecondition of the shoes and the soles of your skis, snows, skiscoot

For people to rent their equipment, think about reserving on the rental sites, you will save time in the station !

To continue in this anticipation, if you already have cards for the ski passes, you can recharge them online prior to your arrival. Visit the site of your station to do, there are often discounts !  

For clothing, it is essential to have resistant to the cold and moisture. Opt for either a full combination to prevent snow to get in the event of a fall or of clothing technical to put under a sweater and under the ski pants.

Hoping that you have a large sun, it is important to protect your eyes with a mask and sunglasses if you're more ski-bar ;). But also a lip, a hand cream, but also high protection sun.
Think also to put together a small first aid kit with the essentials : bandages, , aspirin, disinfectant

Finally equip one backpack to be able to place these items with you during your raids, adding : handkerchief, water bottle, cereal bar (for cravings) and everything you find useful to have with you.

You have, moreover, made a selection of the bags ,at reduced prices, that you could take to from a serene vacation :


Bodypack_soldes_hiver_2018 Bodypack_soldes_hiver_2018        Bodypack_soldes_hiver_2018

Backpack Trek                              Backpack Signature                      Backpack Vintage
34,90€                                             43,50€                                            25€
24,43€                                             30,45€                                            20€


Bodypack_soldes_hiver_2018       Bodypack_soldes_hiver_2018        Bodypack_soldes_hiver_2018
Bag CORE 80L                                              Bag CORE 55L                             Bag RACING 85L
 74€                                                                39€                                              79€ 
 55€                                                                29€                                              60€


check out all of our discounts by clicking HERE

IS you tracks and don't forget to send your photos snowy !


The team Bodypack wish you a great holiday in the mountain !