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Smell, friends, flair!

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Smell, friends, flair!

Here at Bodypack, we like to get ahead of the curve.

We are already working the 2013 collection. And yes!

So, in addition to being stunned by the prowess, you wonder: "But how do they sniff trends a year and a half in advance? This is not possible !"

Well, you don't think so. It's possible.

In our mysterious laboratory, we sniff, we sniff, we track, we snoop, we dig. But be careful! Nothing should be filtered before the D-Day. The whole world -eyes already on our incredible 2012 collection - could be tempted by the copy.

Let's stay vigilant.

It is in these conditions that our fine team is already concocting a 2013 collection well to the point, very pretty and trendy.

Besides I get back to it, I have the nostril that itches ...

And you, what would be your desires in terms of patterns and colors for 2013?


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