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Based on ISPO-PO-PO-PO

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Based on ISPO-PO-PO-PO

As every year and for more than 40 years, ISPO was held in Munich from 3 to 6 February 2013.

L'ISPO Munich it is a huge trade show/forum of the winter sports articles industry that highlights the latest innovations and trends in sports equipment and fashion, with more than 113 countries represented. The big artillery in short.

Overall, we will say that this is a huge professional platform for world sport.
And so we Bodypack were there!! Well, yes, as visitors certainly, I finally good, we were there! (let me dream what!!)

Thus, we were able to admire all the novelties of the major brands, all those that will break through the stores in 2014. Dakine, Vaude, Solomon, Deuter, Ortovox, Adidas, Picture, Burton, Oakley, Billabong,... Too many to be quoted.
But we take lots of mirettes, that's for sure!

What is reassuring is that we have been strengthened in the direction we have already taken for the 2014 trends. In terms of colours, shapes and prints, we have not been mistaken in the work we have already begun for the coming year.
Yeah, you'll tell me!!
This is also what we say to ourselves:)
You will have rather natural colors such as ochre, oxidized yellow, red brick, aquatic blue,... Still some Amerindian ornaments already present in 2013, many patterns in symmetry and kaleidoscope, pixels and other geometric shapes well pointed, little arabizing things, camouflages, but STOP! We're not going to tell you all right now, it would be cheating.
What to remember : In 2014, you will always be ultra trendy with our future Bodypack backpacks!! Oh, that you will be beautiful my little kittens!!!
Okay, it's not all! We go back. At work!!!

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