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Store your Bodypack bag

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Store your Bodypack bag

At Bodypack, we know that our bags can be subjected to certain tests, such as refresher courses;) As a result, here are some tips for maintaining your bag.

Our bags are made of a large part of polyester, a resistant and lightweight material that does not support the heat and drum of a washing machine.

Thus, we recommend that you wash your purse by hand, and let it dry in the open air. It is also possible to use soap and sponge to remove resistant stains. On all our products, you will find labels that advise washing machine washing (even in the short cycle without a breath), at the risk of damaging your bag.

Store your Bodypack bag

Avoid using any product that may cause discolouration of the fabric (bleach, vinegar, etc.). In case of all, make a test on a small area that is not visible from your bag.

How to maintain your Bodypack bag

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