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Play sport at home, it's possible?

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Play sport at home, it's possible?

That athletes who have not been able to practice their activity normally last year lift their hands ✋ The gym closed half of the time, the confines, the curfew, the schedules of the time of the extra-curricular activities, a lot of constraints prevented us from doing our sport as usual, and C ' is surely still the case for a good part of us.

Fortunately, there is always the opportunity to play sports at home! We share some tips to remain active;)

Whether you're used to or not, there is one thing we can all do with little equipment and cheaply: it's this good old jog. Certainly it is not hot right now, but you do not have necessarily need to run hours or at an incredible speed. Free to you find your rhythm.

Bodypack Tips Tips Takes Sport At Home

If running is not really your cup of tea, do not panic! This is not the only option.

Fitness, muscle building or yoga are very viable options, even if we do not have much space. Many applications will also allow you to track your business.

Since last year, videos and other Tuto Sport have flourished all over the Internet: you can get inspired to make your own program, or even find online sports coaches that will be able to accompany you. There are even programs designed for people in apartment who do not wish to take advantage of their exercises at their neighbors! (A clue: we forget the jump rope and jumping jacks ...)

On the other hand, it is not even necessary to invest material fortunes: most programs that can be found include exercises feasible with what has at home, or with the urban furniture for the Outdoor sport. 1.5L water bottles make quite acceptable weights, and stall its feet under a sofa or bed largely replaces the acquisition of an abdominal bench (in addition, it takes too much space). A yoga carpet still remains a reasonable investment.

For all those who went to teleworking, it's important to move a little bit in the day! We know that we go through most of the day in front of his office (or on his couch, we are not there to judge). But knowing that we are already struggling to stand properly, if we do not do exercises at all we expose themselves in particular to back problems. Remember to get up and stretch you regularly! To exercise even while being in front of the computer, the pilates / yoga balloon balloons can be a solution: it forces you to stay pretty much right, and it makes the abdos work. The most reckless can even invest in an elevated office to work standing.


Bodypack Tips Tips Takes Sport At Home

In any case, you can store all your business in one of our great sports bags ;) When we can all resume our usual activities, we will be there to accompany you with lots of novelties!

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