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Festival of Lights 2011

Posted 08 December 2011

Cultural article to share with you a tradition that all Lyons celebrate on December 8: The Festival of Lights. (A touch of Lyon chauvinism in short) ;)


For several years now, the tradition of December 8 rhymes with the Festival of Lights organized over 4 days in the city center of Lyon with no less than 80 monuments, illuminated buildings, transformed and sublimated. This 2011 edition promises to be just as successful and colourful... support with the official video of the event by the city.

Festival of Lights 2011 by city-de-lyon

As we are generous at Bodypack, here is our small selection of projects among the many scattered in Lyon during these 4 days.

Urban pinball, Place des Celestins

For the second year in a row, the square and its eponymous theatre will host a project promoting interaction with spectators. Thus, it is a giant pinball machine that will animate the façade of the theater controlled by buzzers installed directly on the square and, you will understand, commanded by the public.


Elephant, Menestrier Passage

At the end of the evening yesterday, an imposing and very realistic elephant surprised tourists and Lyonnais far from imagining discovering such an animal in this narrow passage that connects the Quai du Rhône with the center of the Lyon peninsula. And this, again months the day before the official launch of December 8. Flying over a cloud of dust, the elephant appears to be suspended in the air and contrasts with the classic and historic scenery of this alley.



Nocturne Trance, Place des Terreaux

If there is a square in Lyon, it is the Place des Terreaux with the town hall as a backdrop. This year, it is a phantasmagorical project that will animate the square with the Bartoli Fountain in the centre of the square as its starting point. Thus, each element of the fountain, harp, seahorses etc. turn into strange beings and creatures and inhabit buildings in turn...


Feast your graffiti, Bahadourian Square,

This theme echoes our street spirit on our backpacks since it is dedicated to street-oriented graphic art. AGalops, DJ, and Cart 1, graffiti artists, team up to offer a sound and light show on the façade of the Alliance Française with a "light painting" performance.



Of course, this is just a small glimpse of all the projects that you can see around the corner here and there while walking. Not to mention, the tradition perpetuated since 1852, the thousands of lumignons installed on the windowsills by the Lyonnais.