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Mother's Day 2019!

Posted 23 May 2019

Ah, Mother's Day… This year, it falls on May 26!

And it's always nice to receive a little something from his / her children ... Whether it is a noodle necklace certainly unattractive but made with love, a funny object to mark the occasion or even a bouquet of flowers, this is the intention that counts!

But sometimes, we lack inspiration ... As we are nice at Bodypack, we offer you a small list of ideas that you might like:

  1. Cosmetic products : Couldn't she have spotted a perfume, makeup, or skincare that she would like?

  2. A super classy Bodypack bag : we say it like that, but with a usb port, a waterproof computer compartment and four zipped pockets, padded shoulder straps, a breathable back and other wonders, we know one that could have a sacred class with this business backpack

  3. Backpacks_business_Shadow

  4. Care : massage, hairdresser, spa, facial or nail treatment ... You have the choice, and you are sure to please!
  6. A super practical Bodypack cabin suitcase: she is often in displacement? Holidays are planned soon? Does she have material to transport? Look no further: we have thought of everything with this cabin bag : several compartments, two carrying handles and a telescopic rod, very light… It will be perfect!


  7. Flowers : It may seem unoriginal like that, but a beautiful bouquet chosen with care, an adorable succulent plant, or something more exotic, it's always nice!

  8. We put that there, but we also have bags with flowers on them ... just in case you want to kill two birds with one stone. ;)

Remember to call or go see your moms, and tell us in the comments what was the gift you preferred to receive (or give) for Mother's Day!

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