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Job profile: Geneviève, Administrative Manager at Bodypack

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Job profile: Geneviève, Administrative Manager at Bodypack

Like every month, the Bodypack team presents itself on this blog, the opportunity for you to discover trades through the experience of the company's employees and to know a little more about the team and the behind the scenes ... This week we present to you the background and position of Geneviève, Administrative Manager at Bodypack, through this interview.

What was your background before you arrived at Bodypack?

First of all concerning my training, I started my university studies with a DUT "G.E.A" Management of companies and administrations, GMO option which I spent in 2 years in St Etienne, after obtaining a BAC B (which now corresponds to a BAC ES, economic and social).

This DUT GEA leads to the functions of manager. The objective of this diploma is to teach students the basics for taking up administrative functions in companies, and in particular in different management fields. So I took this GEA with a GMO option for Small and Medium Enterprises. This course allows the student to acquire a broad knowledge of the management methods of a private organization in order to claim in particular positions of high responsibility. It studies, for example, the legal environment of companies and the management of activities.

Geneviève, our Administrative Manager (on the right of the image) at the 2017 Bodypack seminar with Noémie.


At the end of my internship of 2th year, the company I was in recruited me as an Executive. My mission: to set up a methodology for calculating the cost of products on the production line, and to implement a reduction in costs. This mission lasted two years.

Regarding the rest of my professional career before joining Bodypack, I was an accountant for 3 years in a Reception Center Management Association. Then, I joined an SME as an Accountant and Responsible for setting up a quality service where I stayed for 5 years. Then, I was recruited to join a jewelry chain, as an accountant "Cash Manager" of 22 stores where I stayed for 2 years in this position.

After these 12 years of management experience, I resigned in order to devote myself to my family life.

In 2008, I applied for a part-time Executive Assistant position at Bodypack. Over time, my position has evolved, and today I am a full-time Administrative Manager. On May 26th I celebrated my 10 years of Bodypack !!!

What is your role at Bodypack? Your different missions and the different aspects of your position as Administrative Manager.

In 1er place, asexecutive assistant at Bodypack I work closely with Mr. Laine, the creator and director of Bodypack. An article about his entrepreneurial profession was published last month, you can also check it out on this blog. I assist him on a daily basis with various tasks such as: managing his schedule, organizing his trips, brand communication, preparing meetings, welcoming people who come to the premises ...
Then, I organize and coordinate internal and external information, sometimes confidential, related to the operation of the structure. I also take care of the complete follow-up of files such as equipment maintenance contracts, the follow-up of our customers' orders, the administrative management of staff.

I take care of all the accounting and commercial management. Once a year, I am also in charge of the organization of specific events such as the organization of seminars, because we meet with our agents and our sales representatives every year to work on the next collection of bags. back for back to school. So I play a coordinating role within the team.

Photo of the Bodypack team at the 2017 seminar, bringing together Bodypack agents and salespeople where Geneviève (the 2nd person from the left) is the organizer.[/caption]

Now as Administrative manager, I take care of all the administrative management of Bodypack, specialist in school leather goods, on various aspects: procedures, business operations, legal and financial affairs. I have also been the guarantor of everything relating to the treasury and management control of the company for ten consecutive years! I use business management software that allows me to have access to all the information necessary for the proper functioning of the Bodypack company and to know at any time how many backpack we have in stock for example and what are the current orders of each of the sales representatives.

In addition to these missions related to my main function, specifically at Bodypack, I also take care of all the logistical aspect for the import and shipment of orders for school bags at the arrival of each new collection of backpack and of wheeled school bags. This is one of the special aspects of my job!

Bodypack allows me to flourish in many areas:

  • Accounting management (accounting, cash flow, declarations, human resources, ...)
  • Commercial management (orders, customer follow-up, ...)
  • Logistic (import, export, customs, charters, ...)
  • Purchases (orders, coordination of production, etc.)
  • Export (exchanges, country constraints, etc.)

What do you like most about Bodypack?

  • My versatility,
  • My autonomy,
  • Every day is a new day where nothing is done like the day before,
  • Seasonality, and the fact that I can participate from creation to delivery of a backpack, through its design.


What are the 4 main qualities of an Administrative Manager?

  1. Rigorous
  2. Organized / Methodical
  3. You have to have a good ability to anticipate
  4. Dynamic


Geneviève in a few figures:

  • 10 Bodypack collections to his credit
  • + 600 product references to manage
  • Thousands of backpacks delivered to our customers in France
  • Hundreds of export charters where the Bodypack brand is also present in Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Suriname, Russia and in Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Romania.


What's your favorite Bodypack bag?

 The Hexagone backpack, Gigi's favorite little one ... Yes, for us it's gigi :)

The Hexagon computer bag, who is a backpack more worked, with an original shape, a graphic pattern and colors which are warm.

This bag with computer compartment is still available in our section of good deals ? but not for very long ...

You can ask Geneviève questions about her job as Administrative Manager or about the training she took to get to this position. Write us below in the comments, she will answer you with pleasure!

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