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Paris Fugue

Posted 24 January 2012

Monday, small creative team Podpak In order to explore the huge sky, I went to Paris. The next Salon.

Tell me whose living room is next COSAC ?

What happened in this half year International Clothing loan large professional meeting(textiles, footwear and accessories) It's been going on for four days since 1994!

This exhibition brings together all the trends of the coming year, major brands and fashion names, as well as the rhythm of many animations, lectures and color parades. As a result, the upcoming winter collection is announced at this time, and buyers across Europe are moving to choose our future clothing.

The next exhibition

So, Bodypack went to these colorful highways to smell the time in the air again, catch the pulse of fashion and find out what will be different next year.

That's why we were able to appreciate the creativity of some, the audacity of others, and witness the amazing and survival parade organized for this moment.

The next exhibition

last:In such beautiful beauty, we can't resist the temptation to make you the three most pleasant details of the day:

The next exhibition

There will be new adventures soon!