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The Giants of Vancouver

Posted 18 September 2014

Today, little headlamp on an off-standard duet.

They are called Os Gemeos. So these are two fringes, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, tOut right from Brazil. They toggle together, dragged along the same streets together, we learn the artistic expression together and today work together as graffiti artists and more widely known as "urban" artists.

Recently, they were the source of a big project. You may have already seen one or two pictures on the net.
They have invested an industrial site in Vancouver, Canada, to make a huge open-air exhibition. No less than six elevators close to 23m were redecorated by their bombs on the island of Granville, in their very recognisable style.

This work is part of the larger project of the Vancouver Biennial, which is intended to be open-air and fully public.

This massive art installation has completely transformed the industrial zone. And for the greatest enchantment of the surrounding population:)

To see more about the job OsGemeos.





Bodypack_streetart-VancouverPhoto Credit: Roaming the Planet.