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The trendy collection of Bodypack backpacks for back to school 2018

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The trendy collection of Bodypack backpacks for back to school 2018

A trendy back to school 2018 with Bodypack backpacks! At each age, a trend emerges in this new collection. Small animals and living characters on the nursery school snack bags. Vintage for primary schoolbags, graphics or casual for school backpacks and computer bags looks urban sport.


Kindergarten range

Bodypack's 2018 trend for kindergarten children: animal snack bags.

An animal world suitable for young children from 3 to 5 years old. Little man and little lady in the shape of a dinosaur, a lion, a kitten, a fox, animals are making a remarkable comeback.
With their warm and flashy colors, the snack bags 2018 from Bodypack appeal to the little ones and their mothers too. Purple and pink for the little one Madame Dino, fuchsia pink with Gray for the kitten snack bag, and pale pink associated with floral liberty fabric for the Face Rose snack bag. In boys, blue, but also green for the Dino and orange for the large snack bag in the shape of a Lion.

Bodypack_back_2018 2018 Collection Bodypack Snack Bags - Kindergarten

The big eyes drawn on the bags, the little red cheeks, the smiling mouths transform the snack bags of the little ones into a real companion. A friend, a confidant, the one to whom you entrust the most precious thing you have when you are a little child: your blanket! And for the little gourmets its tasted too;)


Fashion details from an early age!

The collection of snack bags Bodypack is filled with small fashion details that make this range unique. Little girly bow, neat little flower, ears that stand out, little movable arms and legs; so many quality details that make Bodypack a brand apart in the making of bags for the little ones. These snack bags are made in brushed cotton effect to be very soft to the touch.


The practical extras of 2018 Bodypack snack bags

All snack bags have a main compartment that opens easily with very soft zippers, the child has no difficulty opening and closing his bag. In addition to this main pocket, the snack bags have small pockets, all different depending on the model: mesh pocket for the snack or other items inside the smallest bag in our collection the bag Dino for example. For bags Fox and Chaton are small elasticated pockets, one on each side of the bag. And finally for Faces snack bags, the largest in our collection, there is a large zipped pocket on the front of the bag where the face is drawn.

For this new collection of snack bags, so we wanted to make bags that appeal to toddlers to make it a real companion in their daily life. We have selected the shapes, all different to offer a pleasant range and with different bag sizes. And above all, as you may have discovered, we have taken care of the finishes and the small fashionable and trendy details that make this maternal range, a range apart in the clothing sector. school leather goods in France and for export.

Bodypack new collection 2018 

Primary range_ school bags

The 2018 Bodypack trend for school bags primaries is in a style vintage !
Return to the traditional form of the school bag, Liberty prints for girls with little flowers on a navy blue or white background and prints on the theme of Space and robots for little boys. Sober and classic colors but which go easily with children's wardrobes: navy blue, fuchsia pink for young ladies, blue, black and gray for little boys.


A choice of trendy patterns

This is the big comeback of Liberty, these small fabrics with floral prints that come to us from our English neighbors and that we see blooming everywhere today. On the skirts and dresses of little girls, on the wallpapers of our interiors in the decoration, liberty invites itself and reinvents itself in our collection of school bags for the girls.

Liberty prints on Girls' Schoolbags - Primary Range

At the boys, on the 38 cm school bags with or without a roulette wheel, a motif on the theme of space and small robots has been chosen this year. Gray cartoon print on a blue background accented with small touches of red, it pairs perfectly with another blue lined pattern.
On the 41 cm wheeled school bag for the older ones, there is a pattern with very funny little monsters which is discreetly placed and which takes up the black and gray of the schoolbag.


Schoolbags on wheels, a safe bet from the Bodypack brand

What will make the difference between a Bodypack wheeled school bag and a satchel from another brand: these are our light wheels! High quality, these illuminated wheels never stop blinking. They accompany and illuminate the day of the little ones from the morning on their way to school. Although dense and made of silicone, they are rather quiet compared to simple hard plastic wheels.

Then equipped with a telescopic rod that unfolds very easily using the push button, the wheeled school bags Bodypacks are among the lightest on the market.

Traditional rectangular shape or ultra design round shape, the range of wheeled school bags is very varied. There really is something for all styles! Models for everyone, for the little ones in kindergarten and for the older ones in Primary, from the vintage trend to the most contemporary!


The specific design of the Trottipack

This Bodypack innovation in the school bag which does not go unnoticed in stores or on the web! Very recognizable by their rounded shape, the wheeled backpacks, called "Trotti»At Bodypack are ultra design and compact, designed to go anywhere through the urban jungle. On foot, in public transport or by car, get around school with a wheeled bag also easy to handle and easy to use becomes a real pleasure for children. Flocked with trendy prints and cared for by our textile designer, children are stylish and proud of their backpack or rather their backpack with illuminated wheels. They will make people envious;)

Bodypack new collection 2018


College - High School range Backpacks


Graphic backpacks, with very trendy prints ...

To be fashionable September 2018 start, follow the Bodypack trend! Of printed who do a lot in the vegetal this year: Japanese-style wildflowers on a deep blue background (Botanic), palm leaves (Palm extendable backpack - (available at the end of July on our site)), camouflage pattern in "army" colors where the landscape appears through the mountain, ferns (Evergreen). Floral and colorful patterns that follow the fashion trend. Of backpack very fashionable and who come to bring to the city a little color with a reminder of nature.

For fans of simplicity, there are much more sober and equally graphic patterns: polka dots with stars (Stars), geometric shapes (Electro), energizing oblique lines. Of backpack in the era of time that blend into the urban environment.


Backpacks of all sizes

In order to meet everyone's needs and desires, Bodypack offers stylish bags in different sizes, from 1 to 3 compartments. As a specialist in leather goods school, we design backpack suitable for each age and with plenty of nifty storage pockets. Sophisticated backpack designs, very different bag shapes.


S-Lide innovation

A scalable backpack which adapts to the growth of the child. The shoulder straps and the back of the bag are adjustable. Adolescents sometimes experience growth spikes and can gain several inches in a few months. With a S-lide they will not be tight, they will be able to adjust and enlarge the back and the straps of their backpack. An ingenious and economical solution, parents do not need to change their school bag every year, the S-Lide backpack grows with the child.

All about the S-Lide in video


The icon range

Bodypack's iconic bag, the standard that lasts and is constantly renewed.
For this 2018 collection, the bag icon comes in Bordeaux and black. The logo changes shape, from rectangle to rhombus.

Discover the iconic range in video

The icon range is versatile backpacks : school bag or leisure bag, with its solid color, it has its own style. What sets it apart from the rest backpack: its pear shape. A bag with rounded shapes, with practical pockets on the sides to have your things close at hand. An ideal backpack for your little weekend outings. With its two compartments, you can store your course or sport business, do some shopping and have your keys and wallet tidy.

 Bodypack new collection 2018


Technical range Computer bags


Computer bags adapted to the urban life of young people

With Bodypack, computers travel peacefully! Wedge well at the bottom of the backpack in a dedicated, reinforced and foamed compartment, they are well protected against any impacts associated with traveling in the urban jungle. Store at the bottom of the bag, the computer shares with the other school supplies, a colorful and well thought-out backpack.

For students or young workers, this year we have created laptop bags sporty look, close to a technical bag. All equipped with a computer compartment and two other traditional compartments, it is possible to convert your backpack of the week into backpack for the weekend, to go skiing in winter, or hiking in summer, for example.

Technical bags with computer compartments - Bodypack 2018.

Technical, hyper-equipped and stylish backpacks!

Bodypack new collection 2018 


To conclude, a little word from Manon, our textile designer on her collection:

“A touch of color, a touch of softness, a breath and the drawing surface on the still white sheet. Now take a deep breath and a lot of inspiration to invent a world where the delicacy of nature collides with the harshness of geometric lines. One curve after another, the collection emerges, 2018 is here. Take advantage now because 2019 is not far away;)! "

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