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The collection tendency of backpacks Bodypack for return 2018

Posted 05 July 2018


Collection 2018 Backpacks Bodypack Range Secondary school

A return 2018 tendency with backpacks Bodypack! Every age, a tendency frees in this new collection. Small animals and living characters on bags to be tasted of nursery schools. Of the vintage for the primary satchels, the graph or of casual for the backpacks of the schoolboys and of bags with computers lookés urban sports.


Maternal Range


The tendency 2018 of Bodypack for the babies in nursery school: bags to taste animals.

A wildlife world adapted to the young children from 3 to 5 years old. Small fellow and small madam in the form of dinosaur, a lion, a kitten, a fox, the animals make a return pointed out.
With their hot colours and flashy, bags to be tasted 2018 of Bodypack please the smallest and their moms also. Of the mauve and the pink for the baby Madam Dinoof the pink fushia with Grey for bag to taste kittenand of the pink pale associate in some liberty cloth decorated with flowers for bag to taste Face Rose. At the boys, of the blue, but also the green for Dino and of orange for the big bag to be tasted in the form of head of Lion.

Bodypack_rentrée_2018 Collection 2018 Bags to taste Bodypack - Nursery school

The big eyes drawn on bags, the small red cheeks, the smiling mouths transform bags to be tasted of small touts in a true companion. A mate, an intimate friend, the one they entrust to what whom what there is of more precious when they are a small child: his security blanket! And for the small gourmands his tasting also ;)


Bags to taste Nursery school 2018 - Fox terrier and Face



Details mode from most youth!

The collection of bags to be tasted Bodypack is filled with small details fashion which make all specificity of this range. Small girly knot, small well-manicured flower, ears which come out again, of small arms and mobile legs; so many quality details which make Bodypack a separate mark in the ready-to-wear clothes of bags for the smallest. This bags to be tasted are indeed fabricated cotton scratched to be very soft in touch.


Small details made by Bodypack which tell difference very ;)



The babies + practices of bags to taste 2018 Bodypack



Closing with easy slide to be used for the babies


Every bags to be tasted have a main compartment which opens easily with closings with very flexible slides, the child does not have difficulty to open and to close his bag. Besides this main pocket, bags to be tasted are endowed with small cases, very different according to models: case net for the snack or other business inside the smallest bag of our collection the bag Dino for example. For bags Fox and Kitten it is about small élastiquées cases, one on each side of the bag. And finally for bags to taste Facesthe biggest of our collection, there is a big zip-up pocket at the front of the bag where is drawn the face.

For this new collection of bags to be tastedwe therefore wanted to make of bags who please small touts so that they make a true companion of their daily. We chose forms, very different to give an agreeable range and with different sizes of bags. And especially as you could discover him, we treated finishing and small details mode and tendency which make this maternal range, a separate range in the sector of school leather shop in France and in the export.



Range Primaire_ satchels

Tendency 2018 Bodypack for satchels primary is in a style vintage !
Return to the traditional form of the schoolchild satchel, forms Liberty for the daughters of the small flowers on navy blue or white bottom and forms on the topic of the Space and of robots for the small boys. Sober and classical colours but which agree easily with the wardrobes of the children: navy blue, pink fushia at the young ladies, of the blue, black and grey at the small boys.

Bodypack_rentrée_2018 Vintage Satchels Girl and Primary Boy - Collection 2018 Bodypack



A choice of motives tendencies

It is big return of Libertythese small cloths in the forms full of flowers which come to us from our English neighbours and that they see decorating with flowers everywhere currently. On skirts and dresses of the small girls, on the wallpaper of our inside in decoration, the liberty invites and reinvents in our collection of satchels for the girls.

Printed Liberty on Satchels for Girl - Primary Range

To boyson 38 cm satchels with or without castor, it is a motive on the topic of the space and of the small robots that was kept this year. Having printed grey cartoon on blue raised bottom by small red keys, he agrees perfectly with another ligné blue motive.
On satchel with 41 cm castors for the biggest, there is a motive with small very funny monsters which is discreetly put and that takes back the black and the grey of the satchel.

Zoom lens on forms Space and Monsters of satchels for Boy - Primary Range



Satchels with castors, a blue chip of mark Bodypack



The luminous castors of backpacks and of satchels with castors Bodypack

What will tell difference between one satchel with castors Bodypack and a satchel of another mark: these are our luminous wheels! Of high quality, this luminous wheels never give up to twinkle. They accompany and illuminate the day of the babies from morning on course for the school. Very dense and in silicone, they are rather silent compared with simple hard plastic wheels.


Equipés then of a telescopic cane which unfolds very easily with the aid of the button tappet, satchels with castors Bodypack count among the lightest of the market.

In rectangular traditional form or in extremist round form design, the range of satchels with castors am very various. There is there really as all styles! Models for each and each, for the babies in nursery school and for the biggest in the Primary, vintage tendency to the most contemporary!


Satchel with Vintage luminous castors




The specific design of Trottipack



Trottipack 2018 of Bodypack (Victim of her success! This model is not available on our site)

This innovation Bodypack in school bag who does not pass unobserved in shops or on the cloth! Very recognizable by their rounded off form, backpacks with castorscalled «Trotti» to Bodypack is extremist design and compact, conceived to pass everywhere across the urban jungle. On foot, in public transport or by car, move to the school with one bag with castors so easy to handle and easy in use becomes a true pleasure for the children. Flocked of forms tendency and treated by our textile designer, the children are lookés and proud of to them satchel or rather of to them backpack with luminous castors. They will make envious ;)



Range Secondary school – Lycée_ Backpacks


Graphic backpacks, in forms very tendency …

To be fashionable in return of September, 2018follow tendency Bodypack! Of forms who make in a lot vegetable this year: japonisantes flowers of fields on deep blue bottom (Botanic) palm leaves (stretchy backpack Palm - (available in fine July on our site)), of motive camouflaging in colours «army» where the landscape appears across the mountain, of brackens (Evergreen). Motives full of flowers and coloured which follow the tendency of dress fashion. Of backpacks very mode and who come to bring in city a little of colours with a recall to nature.

For the supporters of simplicity, there are motives much more sober and also graphic: peas with stars (Stars) in geometric forms (Electro) slanting lines making more active. Of backpacks in the epoch of the time who are based with urban middle.

Bodypack_rentrée_2018 New Collection 2018 Bodypack - Backpack High school secondary school



Backpacks of all sizes

To meet needs and in desires of each, Bodypack offers well-trained bags and different sizes, from 1 to 3 compartments. As specialist of leather shop schoolwe conceive of backpacks adapted every age and with fulls of astute tidying up cases. Of sought-after backpack design, in very different forms of bags they some of others.

Bodypack_rentrée_2018 Backpacks 2018 Bodypack: from 1 to 3 compartments

Innovation S-Lide

A progressive backpack who fits to the growth of the child. Straps and back of the bag are adjustable. The teenagers sometimes make peaks of growth and can take several centimetres in some months. With a S-lide they will not be gripped, they will be able to regulate and extend the back and the straps of to them backpack. An ingenious and economic solution, not need for the parents to change every year of school bag, the backpack S-Lide grows with the child.

Whole knowledge on S-Lide in video!



The range icon

The bag icon of Bodypack, the standard which lasts and renews itself continuously.
For this collection 2018 bag icon declines there claret and black. The logo changes form, of rectangle it becomes rhomb.

Discover the range icon there video

The range icon they are of polyvalent backpacks : school bag or bag of leisureswith his colour joined, he has his style. What marks to him down to others backpacks: his form of pear. A shapely bag, with cases practices on sides to have its business within reach hand. An ideal backpack for his babies taken out of the weekend. With his two compartments, it is possible to line up his there business of court or of sports, go shopping and have its keys and wallet well line up.



Range Technique_ Sacs in ordinateur_


Bags with computer adapted to the city life of the young people

With Bodypack computers travel quiet! Well stall in the bottom of backpack in a compartment devoted, reinforced and bubbled, they are protected well against possible shocks linked to displacements in the urban jungle. To line up in the bottom of the bag, the computer shares with other business of court, a backpack coloured and well thought.

For students or young assets, we created this year of bags with computer in the sports pace, close to the technical bag. All equipped with a compartment with computer and with two other traditional compartments, it is possible to convert its backpack of the week there backpack for weekend, to leave to the ski the winter, or in walking the summer for example.

Technical Bags with compartments with computer - Bodypack 2018.

Backpacks technology, hyper equipped and well-trained!


To conclude, the small note of Manon, our textile designer on his collection:

«One colour top, a top of softness, a breathing and the drawing surfaces on the still white leaf. Now a big breathing and a lot inspiration to invent the world where the delicacy of nature comes to clink with the coarseness of the geometric lines. A curve after other one, the collection appears, 2018 is there. Use it now because 2019 am not far ;)!»