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Detox by Bodypack

Posted 21 January 2013

With the fanfare launch of our online store, we didn't forget to introduce you our new sports bags...

Because yes, after this holiday season where meals rhyme with damage (fruit of a long reflection this rhyme :)) ...

Bodypack has thought of you and offers you to (re) put yourself in sport with 6 new modern sports bags, trends that will make you want to put on your sneakers right away!


For sportswomen, regulars or amateurs, flower models very soft complement the girly range and jungle sports bags.


You can choose from the very compact 20L sports bag or the 45L model equipped with a ventilated and retractable compartment for shoes or a towel, a 1.5L drink pocket ...

For you athletes, the prints California and Street come to dress the 20L and 45L sports bags or 4 possible bags for you!



So convinced?

With that, we go back for a run or simply parade with our new bags!