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The family is expanding!

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

The family is expanding!

The whole Bodypack team is happy to tell you about the birth of his three children "It's great to see the scope of the signature expand again!"

In fact, from today on, we have three new babies on eshop:
Mini Backpack

- Flat Backpack

- Transfer bag

New package signature

Like all signature bags, they are powerful and beautiful. ok But, you see, they have new colors and patterns!
In addition, everyone has his own characteristics.

Flat BackpackFor teenagers and adults, for leisure, weekends, even school bags, why not. This is a very practical trend, higher and flatter than ordinary bags, showing the trend of hair stack in the trend of today's sports.

Transfer bagThis is the most complete It's for the packer at the back or just for the one who leaves on the weekend. He's in the middle of the backpack and the suitcase. Lots of belts, pockets, belts, backpacks, suitcases, a grid inside Everything! He told you everything!

Mini BackpackIt is suitable for all people to have leisure, picnics and small walks. It's small enough to carry basic stuff, and it's made of cherries on the cake to create a foam chamber for the iPad.

Well, you just have to choose which of them you want to adopt. About expanding your family

Goodbye, you lucky guys!

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