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Lego madness

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

Lego madness

Right now, they're on the bus stops, on the big screen at the movies, in your old toy closet, in all your favorite stores... In short, EVERYTHING!

And there's not that they arrive on your Backplus!! Yes, I swear to God!
I came across this Lego backpack and, in these times of exacerbated Legomania, I couldn't help but let you discover it.

The LEGO backpack exists. And with that, you risk reaching a level of stylethat could well break all records, even that of Killian who already drools all the girls in the class in normal times.
We find all the classic colors of small plastic parallelepipeds (blue, red, yellow, black ...). And even pink... But right now, I'm not condoneing, don't push eh.

With these good words, I go back to play in my room.
See you soon for an unusual new backpack.

PS: admits that you still play Lego ... Come on, go on......

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