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Madness Lego

Posted 13 March 2014

At present, they are on bus stops, on big screen in the cinema, in your cupboard of old toys, in all your favourite shops... In short EVERYWHERE!

And and there t-y not that they arrive on tone backin addition!! But if if, I swear you!
I fell on this backpack Lego and, in the ages of exacerbated Legomania, I could make to you it discover.


The backpack LEGO exists. And with this, you risk attaining a style levelwho could well blow up everything records, even that of Killian which already makes slobber all daughters of the class in usual time.
All classical colours of the small plastic parallelepipeds (blue, red, yellow, black) are found. And even of the pink... But there, I do not give support, need not to grow sorry.


On that note I go back to play in my room.
See you soon for a new unusual backpack.

PS: confess that you still play it in Lego... Go confesses....