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The mountain, that you win ! Bodypack follows you on the slopes.

Posted 02 March 2018


At the heart of the event, your Bodypack is always there! It's the winter holidays, the great cross-hunt at the start of the year. While some are in the office, others take a deep breath of fresh and pure air in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central or even the Jura. Whether you prefer, skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, you'll always need a backpack to bring your essentials for the day! What? Don't you have essentials ?! Where are you going to store your wallet, your smartphone? Fortunately Bodypack, follow you wherever you go!
We have prepared a selection of very practical backpacks for you to accompany you this winter!

Our model chose this bag ( ) and frankly for the price, you will hardly find better! Trendy and sober colors, remarkable comfort and foolproof lightness! In any case, we love this "MOUNTAIN" bag.
Of course, Bodypack has more than one trick up its sleeve, you can find other backpacks to accompany you ! It's up to you to choose it and fall for the model you like.
Do not hesitate to share your holidays with us with your Bodypack backpack!