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2013 art toy competition!

Posted by Axel Bindefeld on

2013 art toy competition!

The game is over


Toy competition 2013!

Dear members
Today, we start the annual custom toy competition!
As in previous years, we offer Five batches of 500 Euro To five lucky winners

But this year we have something new Everyone has a chance to be a weekly finalist. Even if you do your toy art in the last week of the competition, you still have a chance to compete in the final
Why deprive yourself?

The principle is always simple:

  1. Close your toys.
    Creative, create a story, take some beautiful photos, create a video and email, all in the Facebook app of the contest. Daily activities on the website to get the maximum number of votes.
  1. Win a trophy and be the finals of the game!
    Three votes a week to win a trophy! Every Monday the voting starts again
    As a result, every participant with at least one trophy has the right to be a finalist.
  1. The jury's final decision
    On October 15, the Bodypack jury held a meeting to select five winners from the final.
    You could have won even last week Everyone has a chance!

Art toys

Page: 1Our game, you just bring toy art to a large area, or Eshop BodypackIn the Bodypack suit

If you already have toy art from last year, you can also play with this, it's not a problem.


This year's winners:

Art toys


Some special expressions are as follows:



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