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The 2013 Art Toys competition!

Posted 15 October 2013

This contest is closed.


The 2013 ART TOY contest!

Dear all, dear all,
Today is the start of our annual art toys customization contest!
As in previous years, we offer 5 prizes of 500 euros to the 5 lucky winners.

But this year we have a novelty : Everyone has their chance to be a finalist every week. Even if you post your art toy during the last week of the competition, you have a chance to be one of the finalists.
Why deprive yourself of it?

The principle is always simple:

  1. Customize your toy art.
    Be creative, make up a story, take great photos, create a video and post it all on the Facebook contest app. Get as many votes as possible by being active every day on the site.
  1. Earn 1 trophy and become one of the game's finalists!
    Each week the top 3 votes collect a trophy! Every Monday, the votes are reset to zero.
    Thus, each participant with at least 1 trophy wins the right to be a finalist.
  1. Final decision of the jury.
    On October 15, the Bodypack jury meets and selects the 5 winners among the finalists.
    Even the last week you can win. Everyone has a chance !


PTo play, you just need to buy the art toy in supermarkets or on Bodypack eshop, they are offered on Bodypack kits.

If you already have the art toy from last year, you can also play with this one, that's okay.


This year's winners:



Some special mentions: