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The return of the schoolbag

Posted 25 July 2019

First in fabric then in leather, slung then on the back, the satchel appeared in the 19th century, but it was not until the 1980s to see the models we know today.

Starting in middle school, it is difficult to get children to carry anything other than a backpack.

But in primary school, the schoolbag still has a say! On the other hand, no more question of boiled cardboard and other, place to trendy and colorful designs for this essential fashion accessory for schoolchildren.

Return of the schoolbag

And since the little ones already have well loaded bags, even in primary school, we have thought of everything. Our school bags all have reinforced bottoms, and large compartments to easily store notebooks, books, etc. In addition, they are ultra-light: less than 600g! And to minimize any back problems associated with the weight of the bags, Bodypack satchels have a comfortable back and adjustable, padded shoulder straps.

If despite everything you are worried about their back, you can also opt for the wheeled binder! All the advantages of a traditional school bag, plus a telescopic cane and light wheels.

Question size of schoolbag, you have the choice: 28cm for the toddler snack bags, 38 or 41cm for the older ones, an ideal size to store all their belongings.

Return of the schoolbag

Whatever your choice for the start of the school year, find all our models of primary bags on our Online Store !