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The return of schoolbag

Posted 25 July 2019

First fabric, then leather, ribbons, then back, schoolbags appeared in the 19th century, but it wasn't until the 1980s that models of today could be seen.

Since junior high school, it's hard for children to carry anything other than backpacks.

But in primary school, schoolbags can be said! On the other hand, there are more cardboard and other, tendency and color design, which are necessary fashion accessories for students.

Bag return

Now that the children have full bags, even in primary school, we think of everything. ours a bag Everyone has an enhanced fund and a large room to organize notebooks, books, etc. in addition, they are very light: less than 6000 grams! To minimize possible back problems associated with bag weight, box body bags have a comfortable back and adjustable gaskets.

If you're still worried about their back, you can also choose a wheelchair schoolbag! All the advantages of the traditional schoolbag, except for the telescopic handle and the light wheel.

The problem is the size of schoolbags. You have a choice: 28cm per bag, 38cm per bag, 41cm per bag, an ideal size, sort out all schoolbags.

Bag return

Whatever you choose to start school, find all of our models. Main bag ours online store !