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The backpack is a technical attack during recess...

Posted 25 April 2018

Discretion and protection Of more and more teens and their parents are looking for backpacks versatile, can be used as well the week to go during the weekend for sport or any other leisure activity. In Bodypack, the backpacks are becoming more technical, adapted to the urban life of young people and responding to their needs.




The bag technique for Bodypack : a backpack convenient and trendy which accompanies you in all your urban activities !

As a specialist in the leather school, Bodypack designs today of backpacks increasingly technical, with accessories like straps that allow hanging items to the backpack such as a skateboard or a scooter, its coat when it's too hot or a cap so as not to lose. And yes, you are obliged to remove your cap to enter the class, you hold on to your bag and hop the recess you can put it back. With the accessories of the backpack Bodypack you can customize your bag by hanging your business or other items of your choice and create your own style streetwear ! Backpack school becomes a support to customize, or a fashion accessory if you prefer...


Bodypack_sac_à_dos_technique The "backpack Strap" from Bodypack ! The backpack is ideal for your recreation. A compact design and straps por hang all your stuff.



If you like backpacks with straps for hanging anything you like, we'll recommend the backpack Straps : to shoper here in our good business (be Careful, there are still not many ! So we have to hurry !)










The bags techniques and sports






For athletes or all those who are in need of to run to a moment in their day, Bodypack offers on its website , and backpacks with straps the ventral and the pectoral which allow you to properly hang her bag against itself and thus not to be embarrassed during the race. With a backpack Bodypack you are equipped to catch your bus extreme limit in the morning. The excuse of the backpack too heavy that prevents you from running, no longer with a backpack Bodypack, you're ready to take on the galleys of your day.

Bodypack_sac_à_dos_technique The backpack technical Graphiti of Bodypack with straps ventral and petorales. The bag of the students sporting to urban

Badypack_sac_à_dos_technique profile View of the bag technique montréal jesse scott grafitti with all its straps.

You can hang your straps, pectoral and ventral on the front of the bag as the backpack Gafitti

many backpacks Bodypack are also designed with lashing straps that allow you to customise the thickness of your bag depending on the volume of business that you have put on your bag. The more it is charged, the more you can relax the bag, and then tightened again when your bag is empty so that it resumes its original shape.

Bodypack_sac_à_dos_technique Backpack Forth with many of the straps tightening and that turns into a small suitcase !

The bag computer

labels, bags, computer, Bodypack with all their strengths.

In Bodypack we offer bags and backpacks specially designed to carry your computer to school or elsewhere history of always having it with you and being able to carry it discreetly. A dedicated compartment and foam to protect it and so that it is firmly wedged in your back for all your trips, even if you have to run with.

Bodypack_sac_à_dos_technique Backpack with compartment for computer and with pockets on the sides for storing, for example, his water bottle or energy bar. These bags may also serve well for the school and for recreation. It adapts to your everyday life.

Bodypack_sac_à_dos_technique A hook lock to prevent the opening of the bag. System anti-pickpocket from Bodypack ! Here it is, the bag montréal jesse scott grafitti.

Discretion and protection

of The backpacks to a computer and have a small hook anti-theft, preventing the opening of the zippers and the access to the inside of your bag to the people who can be wrong caring (Bodypack in fight against pickpockets in the subway...)

To save you life if ever one day you are lost in the mountains, we also have backpacks equipped with whistle ! This is not a joke, this accessory can save you life if you're stuck in the mountains or dropped in an inaccessible place, where no one can see you but hear you.

And yes, a whistle can save lives !



System "Air Flow" of Bodypack




back View of the bag computer Wall Bodypack, equipped with the system Air Flow.

It is also known as a bag technique in Bodypack, a backpack with a technological innovation in its design, as well as our system to Air Flow. This system allows you to have both a padded back and comfortable but lets the air flow in the back to avoid too much sweat and stay glued to your bag. We think the comfort and use of our bags in Bodypack 😉

Inspired by the technology of backpacks designed for the high mountain, the bags Bodypack are both very strong and light. Made of foam PE 600/600 denier they are more durable and of better quality than the other backpacks that are currently on the market.

We also coat our bags (in PU) so that they are more resistant than the average. It is a costly process in manufacturing which adds steps but that guarantees a bag more reliable and waterproof.


Technical diagram explanatory of the system Air Flow Bodypack for a breathable back and a comfortable, unforgettable.

We are also optimising comfort on the shoulder straps using a foam fit, breathable and strong. The shoulder straps are often a weak point in the bags, they can fail under the weight of the cases stored in the backpack. In order to avoid these inconveniences, we called in reinforcements called Bartack at each end of the shoulder straps at the top and bottom. And yes, a Bartack (such as the name of our cat we'll call back !) is a reinforcement at the seams to do not that the bag is cracking under the weight of affairs.

We also use wire thick enough, with more strands to have a better resistance to wear and to hold our backpacks.

It is thanks to all these strengths in Bodypack we guarantee all our bags for 2 years.

of Our fabrics are guaranteed also free of azo dye, cadmium-free and free of phthalates and PVC. In short, with Bodypack the fragile skins are quiet, our bags are non-toxic and fully comply with the standards of child care.



Technical drawing of a cup backpack Bodypack with all of our points of quality, and the reinforcements that we add to our bags, which allows us to guarantee them for 2 years of normal use.

Despite all the care and rigor that we design and produce our backpacks and our duffle bags, if you encounter a concern, you can contact our after-sale service : and explain your problem, we will find the solution !

If you want to become a " pro " of the leather goods and to be able to judge the quality of a backpack in-store or on the internet, are interested in-you at these various points :

  • The type of fabric used in
  • The process of coating (a single process or several, we use several for Bodypack)
  • the quality of The zippers
  • on the thickness of The yarn to sew
  • The linings
  • ecology (fabric and ink)

In Bodypack the specialist of the leather school, we design school bags and backpacks school but also bags techniques for recreation and travel bags we guarantee the high quality of design and manufacture. You can find them on our site and also you can suggest us in the comments below ideas for accessories or novelties which you would find useful to add to our backpacks or in our binders.